Week 1- Didn’t Burn the House Down.

Good news, folks! My first week of cooking has come to an end and both me and my apartment still stand! As I mentioned in my last post, I’m a ...



What to Eat at Home: Pears Poached in Red Wine – Laura Hess ‘16

After making the baked pears, I still had a lot of pears left, so I decided to try a slightly more complicated pear dessert.  This recipe was also adapted from ...

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What to Eat at Home: Pasta Primavera – Laura Hess ‘16

This fresh, springy dish is perfect for a simple dinner.  Many pasta dishes can be too heavy for the spring, but this one feels light while satisfying completely.  It can ...

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My Summer Resolution- I WILL LEARN HOW TO COOK!

Now that I’ve caught up on sleep (it only took three weeks), re-established my mental facilities, and truly embarked on Summer 2013, I have made a resolution. I will, once and ...

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What to Eat at Home: Chocolate Chip Pound Cake – Laura Hess ‘16

 Warning:  The following recipe is not vegan.  It is not gluten free.  It is not even remotely healthy.  However, it is delicious and addictive.  So, if you are not limited ...

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What to Eat at Home: Baked Pears – Laura Hess ‘16

Baked pears are a lot like baked apples, their more famous cousin, but, as they are not made as often, they seem a little more interesting.  This is a very ...

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What to Eat at Home: Apple Cloud Cake – Laura Hess ‘16

So I guess this is what happens when you’re stuck at jury duty – you write about what you’ve made for dinner, lunch, and then dinner again, over the past ...

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What to Eat at Home: Mushroom Curry – Laura Hess ‘16

Yet another recipe inspired by the Moosewood Cookbook, this one was adapted more dramatically to accommodate the ingredients I already had on hand.  It is a sweet, rather unusual curry.  ...

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What to Eat at Home: Easy Apple-Brie Sandwich – Laura Hess ‘16

I think my favorite kitchen appliance is probably the toaster oven.  There is so much you can do with it and it never takes long.  You can toast pumpkin seeds, ...

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What to Eat at Home: Mexican Pepper Casserole – Laura Hess ‘16

Yay! You’re back home!  With a real kitchen that isn’t full of other people’s messes.  Now is the perfect time to cook even more than you’ve been doing at school.  ...

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