Yet Another Limited Batch Ben and Jerry’s Flavor at WesShop!

rocky road-ish

I swear to god…WesShop is going to be the death of me. I was strolling through the aisles today, and there, at the very front of the ice cream section, was ANOTHER limited batch flavor, and this one had marshmallows in it. Double whammy! As if I couldn’t buy that. So it’s here. Ben and Jerry’s Rocky Road-ish Ice Cream. I need to wait for a day when I can make a true commitment to a pint of ice cream. Until then it will sit in my freezer, forever tempting me with its toasted marshmallow and fudge covered almond deliciousness. I need to stop writing this before ice cream passion takes over and I eat the whole thing. One day, Ari. You’ll give yourself that pleasure. Until then, simply rejoice over the fact that you will not die without having tried the limited batch Rocky Road-ish Ice Cream (which you too can purchase at WesShop if you hurry!)

-Ari Rudess

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farmers market outside

The Wesleyan Farmers Market 9/26- Storm Clouds, Spices, Smoothies, and Stuffed Breads!

Despite the undesirable weather conditions, the vendors at the Wesleyan Farmers Market are real troopers. With tents, saran wrap, and rain gear, they braved the storm (okay, maybe it was ...

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NoRa Cupcakes on High Street!

NoRa Cupcakes on High Street!

The Lil’ NoRa Cupcake Truck will be on High Street Today from 11:30-3:00 with delicious Zen Roasters coffee and (obviously) cupcakes!

See you there!

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A Really Really Really Good Salad (Really)

Anyone else feel like they’ve barely been to Usdan lunch this year? It’s not that I don’t love it (the Marketplace is my favorite place on campus—let’s be real), but ...

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ford news diner sign

Ford News Diner- A Darn Good Breakfast

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It’s About Beer- David Hinds

In the interest of legality, the recommendations and opinions below are only meant for those at or above the legal drinking age in your state (which, since Connecticut likes Federal ...

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NoRA Cupcake Company Hits the Sweet Spot

Walk down the streets of New York City, and you’ll quickly find that gourmet cupcake bakeries are all the rage. From larger chains like Magnolia and Crumbs, to national treasures ...


farmers market outside

The Wesleyan Farmers Market 9/19- Coffee, Cannolis, Kale, and Cayenne!

Is there anything better than biting into a piece of fruit that was picked hours before it touched your teeth? What about buying a muffin from an adorable baker who ...

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