Sadichchha Adhikari, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Class of 2016

Notable Documentations of an Obsession with Food: Joining Ramen Club in Japan, weekly (daily?) bake-sesh, going thrifting for the perfect mixing bowl, making “” my homepage in high school, constantly eating

Favorite Food Shows: Cupcake Wars, Chopped, Iron Chef, MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen, Georgetown Cupcakes

Favorite Foods: DUMPLINGS, any rice dish, ramen, fish head curry, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, chicken tikka masala, any dosa, chana masala, chana daal, maybe just all South Asian food?!

Favorite On-campus Eats:

            Usdan- Mongolian, White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies and their Chocolate Chip Cookies

           Weswings- R.I.P. Babyback Ribs 10/15/2015

           Usdan Cafe/WeShop/Pi- Hot Chocolate and Pound Cake

Favorite Off-campus Eats:

Those who know and love me know my obsession with Udupi, which is this small, hole in the wall South Indian restaurant about 10 minutes from campus. Although the butter masala dosa is my go-to meal there, everything on your menu is top notch. This is coming from someone who has been exposed to South Asian food her whole life: IT IS THE BEST INDIAN FOOD I HAVE EVER HAD.

#1 Food Goal For This Year: Never waste Coop food, cook anything and everything.


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Amanda Roosa, Co-Editor-in-Chief 

Class of 2016

Notable Documentations of an Obsession with Food: Trying every restaurant possible while in Melbourne, Australia. Documenting any and all food interest/recipes on Pinterest. An absurd amount of cook books in my house. Food bucket lists.

Favorite Food Shows: Barefoot Contessa, Cupcake Wars, Chopped, Iron Chef (kids version), Grill It! with Bobby Flay

Favorite Foods: Pad Thai, spicy lentils, anything curry, banana and blueberry smoothies.

Favorite On-campus Eats:

            Usdan- Mongolian, apple crisp, Kosher’s sweet potatoes

           Weswings- Sesame soba salon noodle salad and the Fall salad special

           Usdan Cafe/WeShop/Pi- Cranberry white chocolate cookies and Nutella latte

Favorite Off-campus Eats:

Pad Thai from Typhoon, Garlic Parmesan wings from Eli Cannon’s, Taro bubble tea from Anoho, cookies & cream from Froyoworld, sweet potato fries at It’s Only Natural Restaurant, Tuscany salad at Mondo, chocolate chip banana pancakes from Mitchell’s, falafel wrap from New England Emporium, Caprese from Whey Station, and veggie wrap from The Pickle Stand.

#1 Food Goal For This Year: Bi-weekly dinner parties


Ari Rudess, Co-creator of WesStuffed

Class of 2015

Notable documentations of an obsession with food: Naming her dog Chowder when she was 8, creating a documentary about ice cream parlors in Malaga, Spain, trying almost every Ramen house in New York City between 2010 and 2011

Favorite food blogs: Serious Eats, Big Girl Small Kitchen, Huffington Post Taste, Dorm Room Dinner, Amateur Gourmet, Girl Who Ate Everything, Cakespy, Dessertbuzz, The Daily Meal, Grub Street, Eater NY, Gothamist, Village Voice Fork in the Road

Favorite foods: Egg white omelettes with spinach and feta, spicy tuna rolls, pickled radish, ramen (not the packaged kind), matzo ball soup, homemade salmon cream cheese, tortellini, any baked or frozen combination of raspberries/cranberries and white chocolate chips, muffins, quick breads, granola, yorkshire pudding, chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, fudgy brownies, lemon bars, rainbow cookies, coffee cake, all that is sweet and salty.

Favorite kind of restaurants: authentic “holes in the wall” (particularly of the Asian variety)

Favorite on-campus eats:

            Usdan- Barbeque Seitan, apple crisp

           Red and Black- Sesame noodles with chicken, raspberry smoothies

           Usdan Cafe/WeShop/Pi- Cranberry white chocolate cookies

Favorite off-campus eats:

Sussman special and tortellini salad from Neon Deli, fried pickles from Eli Cannon’s, almond black tea from Anoho, salted caramel pretzel yogurt from Froyoworld, toasted cheddar bagel with cream cheese and grilled coffee cake muffins from Brew Bakers, Italian rainbow cookie cake, cheesecake, and raspberry white chocolate scones from Fusion Bakery, Hot Cocoa and Goddess cupcakes at NoRA Cupcake Company, pierogies at It’s Only Natural Restaurant, eggplant fries at Mondo, chocolate chip cookies, pecan pie, buffalo chicken paninis, matzo ball soup, and ahi tuna salad from Michael’s Deli, The Cubano Tacandwich and hot chocolate from Cafe 56, gobbler crepes from New England Emporium, Mac n Mongers from Whey Station, sweet cream ice cream with caramel and pretzels from Cold Stone Creamery



Alex Irace, Co-creator of WesStuffed

Class of 2015

Distinguished pie-eating contest champion, lover of all things sweet and salty, often found eating frozen yogurt or preparing ridiculous salads in Usdan

Favorite foods: lobster ravioli, sushi, iced coffee, tiramisu, my Mom’s apple crisp, chocolate covered biscotti, chocolate covered anything, Brie en Croute, macaroni and cheese, Thanksgiving stuffing, Greek Gods yogurt, oatmeal, fettuccine alfredo, Cobb salad, bragioli, quiche, egg salad sandwiches, chicken marsala, anything with avocado

Favorite kind of restaurant: traditional Italian brasseries

Favorite on-campus eateries and meals:

          Pi Café- Salty Ivan, Fage yogurt with honey

         Usdan- salads, cashew mac n’ cheese, dessert pizzas, chocolate mousse, froyo, seitan

Weshop- Greek Gods yogurt

Favorite off-campus eateries and meals:

Veal parmesan and Mediterranean salad from Amici, fried ice cream from Mikado, salted caramel frozen yogurt from Froyoworld, eggplant fries and Sicilian pizza with mushrooms from Mondo, carrot cake from Fusion Bakery, peanut butter and jelly cupcake from NoRA Cupcakes, any of the burritos at Iguanas Ranas Tacqueria, beet salad at Luce, almond black tea from Anoho, the Tuscany omelette from Brew Bakers, pumpkin spiced chai at New England Emporium





Rina Kremer, Staff Writer and Official Photographer

Class of 2015

An Asian taking pictures of her food (and rarely anything else). Obsessed with those fake food models and vending machines in Japan. Ruthlessly stalks the food cart scene in Portland, Oregon, and has commenced stalking of the NY (local) food scene. Likes to look at menus (regardless of location), and will one day learn how to self-sustain with foraging skills and a bow and arrow. Or maybe just my own food animals and plants and stuff. Spends about 70% of her time in the kitchen and 100% of her mind on food.

Favorite food blogs: Food Carts Portland, Serious Eats, and The Tasting Table

Favorite foods: Japanese food! Local and free-range meats (the gamier the better), in-season veggies, butter, bacon, whip cream, cheeses, pickles, eggs, and dark chocolate. A peanut-coconut butter mix, cashews, BBQ potato chips, grapefruit, berries, ginger, and avocados. Cheesecake, coconut macaroons (and coconut things), creme brulee, custards, sacher torte, green tea and orange spice tea, breves, smoothies, and citrusy. Bananas, too.
Of course, I can’t go without a good beer, red wine, and anything-tequila.

Favorite kinds of restaurants: kaiten-zushi and Japanese anything (like bakeries), those that have their local game goin’ on, food trucks/carts, boozy brunches, and ones that don’t have tiny water glasses.

Favorite eats on campus:
Wesleyan Local Co-Op: meat, veggies, and fruit
Weshop — organic/humane meats, raw cheddar cheese, and goats milk yogurt
Summerfields — caprese salad and bacon bleu cheese burger with sour cream on the side
Red and Black — smoothies (any flavor)
WesWings — Breakfast pail, bacon and eggs over easy. With a good container full of Frank’s

Favorite off-campus Middletown eats: flourless chocolate cake from Fusion Bakery and Patisserie; AYCE at Sushi House; chocolate peanut butter milkshake from Mortinsen’s; ginger pear cupcake from NoRA’s; drunken noodles on 5-spicy from Typhoon; cheesecake froyo with hot fudge/nutella, chocolate chips, and peanut butter cups from FroyoWorld. Furthermore, there’s a type of plant up on the Wadsworth Falls trails that tastes like Fruit Loops….


Laura Hess, Former Editor-in-Chief

Class of 2016

For Laura, the weirder the food, the better.  Sea urchin?  Sure!  Alligator?  Please!  Kumquats?  Love them!  Of course traditional foods, especially if they are authentic, are sure to make her happy too.  Being blessed with no known food allergies she would probably try almost any food once… Maybe not live grubs, but who knows?

Favorite foods: See above, plus an obsession with French food, Oolong and Darjeeling teas, gourmet sandwiches, fruity sorbets, my mother’s pies, anything from Boston’s Chinatown

Favorite kinds of restaurant:  French, Middle Eastern, and very curious about molecular gastronomy

Favorites on campus eats:

Star & Crescent – anything

Usdan Marketplace – Mongolian grill stir fry with shrimp + scallops and every veggie over jasmine rice, sandwich bar w/ Panini press, raspberry and marshmallow brownies

Usdan Café – jasmine tea, falafel wraps

Pi Café – chocolate croissants, French toast bagels, Chaidermel

Favorite off campus Middletown eats:

Cactus burrito from Iguanas Ranas, French toast from O’Rourke’s Diner, chicken pesto sandwich and sugar cookie from Michael’s Deli, almond joy cupcake from NoRA Cupcakes, falafel wrap from the Falafel Truck, anything from Tuscany Grill or Café 56, Brew Boilermaker and iced chai from Brew Bakers, fish curry and naan from Haveli, chocolate éclairs and lemon tarts from Fusion Bakery

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