THIS SH*T IS SO GOOD! Like, it sounds so gross, but tastes so good. It’s also cultured

which basically means if you eat it you turn into a plant-based, Downton Abbey

watching, world traveling, New York times reading jazz music enthusiast. Or it means

that this delicious coconutty goodness was fermented with bacteria, and just like milk-

based yogurt will help your digestive tract (through many a scientific process I never

learned about while getting my BA in biology). While I’m not going to say that this dairy-

free yogurt substitute is the best thing you could be eating (why can’t we just live in a

world where we don’t need to eat yogurt?), I will say that this stuff simply tastes really

good. I bought my container at ION market on Main Street, but you also might be able to

get it at other places.

There are a few unknown ingredients on the label. After some quick Googling, I learned

that many of the scary looking ones act as thickeners to create the yogurt-like texture.

However, compared to Yoplait Original French Vanilla Yogurt, the So Delicious

alternative has slightly more calcium and slightly more iron, and significantly less

calories. If any of that stuff matters to you, I’m happy to report my good findings. If not,

you can take comfort in the fact that this sweet, cold, slightly tangy, product simply tastes

good and can be used in so many ways. I’ve listed below two ways I used the yogurt to

improve my breakfast routine.

Dolloped on top of Coconut Quinoa and Blueberries

I made coconut quinoa following the instructions on the back of the quinoa box, by

substituting coconut milk for water. Five minutes before the quinoa was cooked I put in a

handful of frozen blueberries. This “yogurt” dolloped on top added the perfect level of

flavorful sweetness to an otherwise underwhelming breakfast bowl. While the difference

in temperature between the warm quinoa and cold yogurt might turn some off, I found it

made the dish more interesting. I even had to add a second dollop before reaching the end

of the bowl. If you’re looking for a sweet breakfast and have 15 minutes to spare, I would

definitely recommend this 4 ingredient dish.

In a bowl, under fruit

I had some leftover citrus fruit salad from Galentine’s brunch. I threw some coconut

yogurt in a bowl, and topped it with the fruit. The sweetness of the yogurt balanced well

with the tartness of the grapefruit and other citrus in the fruit salad. I would recommend

topping the bowl with some granola, nuts, or seeds for some added crunch.

Though I haven’t tried this yet, I bet if you tossed the yogurt in an ice cream maker with

some chocolate or mint it would also make pretty good frozen “yogurt”. The So Delicious

website also appears to have lots of dairy free recipes to try.

All in all, I would recommend eating this stuff. It’s not locally-grown or produced, but it

is dairy, soy, and gluten free and says that it’s made with organic coconuts. It’s got some

strange ingredients in it that milk-based yogurt might not, but it’s got some good vitamins

and other stuff that people tell me are good for you. Also, IT JUST TASTES SO GOOD.


Blueberry Quinoa

Citrus Fruit Salad

Looks and smells like yogurt

So Delicious