“I went in for my blood sugar, but I stayed for the warm service and even warmer hot dog. I can’t wait to visit Wesleyan again so you can take me back.” – Clara Sanchez, New York.

I, in my continued efforts to try out everything in Middletown before I leave graduate in a few months, finally went to Guida’s Restaurant with my friend Clara who was visiting me from New York. Yes, it’s that obviously located eatery on Wash (Rt. 66) next to the piercing parlor you pass by every time you go to New Haven/anywhere outside of Middletown. Their menu is entirely American food oriented so I went for the classic cheeseburger. We also ordered a side of onion rings and their “world famous” 10-inch hotdogs, which were pretty darn amazing.

My favorite part about this experience was definitely the fast service. We walked in, chose a cozy booth on the left side of the restaurant, and someone came to take our order right away. We ordered burgers and hotdogs and our order was brought to us in under 2 minutes.

The onion rings were better than expected:, crispy on the outside, the shell broke off nicely, and of course, it was delicious. The burger was deliciously filling and the patties are sized perfectly and cooked ~juicily~. Because tomatoes are the worst,  I opted for a tomato-less burger with just lettuce, cheese, and mustard. Along with the giant onion rings this was a pretty filling meal.

Clara, who ordered the hotdog, described, “The juices of the hotdog and the crisply toasted bun combined to create a very delicious lunch.”

The hotdogs are definitely a big recommendation so stop by Guida’s!

Check out their website.