I recently had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Abby Grupposo ’16, and Wolfi Jorde ’16 (Wolfi) founders, co-owners, and PARENTS of Red Wolf, a campus pop-up restaurant. This talented, yet humble, duo have gained a lot of momentum recently (see Wesleying’s piece on Red Wolf’s “orgasmic” nature here), so I decided to sit down and chat with them about their ~*hopes and dreams*~.


pc: Kim Pham

What inspired you to start Red Wolf?

Wolfi: I mean…for me it’s pretty simple. I just really liked cooking the idea of an actual place where I can cook for people, something different from an eatery on campus.

Abby: Yeah I think my answer would kind of be similar to that, the reason I like cooking so much is sharing it with people and seeing people’s reaction to your delicious food. Using that to make new friends and be able to cook for people who don’t get to eat home cooked food all the time.

Do you get to eat home-cooked meals outside of Wes?

Abby: Yeah my family has family dinner every single night and we cook, and that was a really lucky way to grow up.

Wolfi: Same, except I cook…

Abby: {Haha} Yeah, it changed from my parents cooking to me cooking.

When did you start cooking ~seriously~?

Abby: I’ve been cooking my whole life, even when I was super little my mom always wanted to teach me how to cook so we would have cookie-baking for Christmas and I would sift flour for like 10 hours. I did stuff like that forever, I think in high school was when I started getting really serious about cooking and watching the food network every single day and cooking dinner for my family. I think I mostly did it because we all got super buys when I got to High school and our family dinner kind of fell apart, so I took the initiative to make it happen again. So that’s why I taught myself how to cook.

Wolfi: I started cooking when I was a young child. I would always do prep-work when I was little because my house was the family center. I started baking, and thats when I started being serious about cooking. I mean I don’t when I got serious about it, but I started getting more creative with it towards the end of middle school.

Do either of you have a particular type of dish or an item that you gravitate towards when you’re cooking?

Wolfi: My tactic is just going to the market for an hour and a half until something pops into my head. I don’t really have that many safety foods because I want to try new things.

Abby: I’m always thinking of how creative cooking can be, and I like inventing things and putting ingredients together that you normally wouldn’t. I definitely like baking more than cooking. I love when people go “ooh, ahhh that’s so pretty”.

So would you say you [Abby] bake more and Wolfi does the entrée cooking?

Abby: Yeah, we do half and half of the work and we help each other. Wolfi is the risotto master, but last week I helped him and he taught me how to make it and he helped me make my tiramisu so we learn from each other.

How did your opening night go?

Wolfi: It was the first time we made a dinner, but it was for pre-selected people.

Abby: Yeah. This week will be the first official advertised dinner.

Wolfi: It sold out in 3 hours – granted it was only for 6 people, but still.

Abby: We’re getting so much attention! We have 150 likes on our Facebook page in less than 12 hours, people are texting us trying to pull strings to get reservations, and we got a message from someone who graduated 2 years ago from a Boston Alumni page! I was like “What! Thats crazy!!!!”, but at the same time it’s really nice that people are being enthusiastic about this.

Do you have any advice  for people who are looking to get into cooking?

Abby: Oh Man

Wolfi: We’re not Bobby Flay…


Wolfi: But thank you

Abby: I don’t know. It’s totally worth it and really fun. I think cooking is really soothing and it’s a great stress reliever.

Wolfi: Yeah, the learning process for cooking is when you’re actually doing it so 90% of the time it’ll require you to be patient. If you actually want to learn, you’re gonna have to be patient.

Abby: It’s all about the monotony and making it perfect!

Make sure you go check it out!