I feel so compelled to write this article about tonight’s Usdan Thanksgiving meal as I lay here unable to do anything but move my fingers to type this. Described as “homey” by Alisse Singer ’16, tonight’s (very, very filling) meal was a perfect preview for the upcoming plates next week for Thanksgiving.

Although the line for the food took no less than 30 minutes, I’m glad to say the food was totally worth it and I’m also happy to say that the line was taking so long because the people serving it were doing it with so much ~love~. I got some of everything (with extra stuffing) and sat through one two renditions of Wonderwall by Oasis (?) as I nommed every last bit of this wonderfulness.

First, let me talk about the stuffing because I feel like I can write a whole separate article about the beautiful experience of eating it. It consisted of all the right flavors in all the right places and was heavenly when mixed with the mashed potatoes and gravy. The sweet potato mash was so buttery I thought I was gonna have a stroke then and there, which, by the way, would have been totally worth it. The green beans were not soggy or too oily and broke off crispily when I bit into them. The ham and turkey were dry, but obviously you have to pair both of those with the sauciest gravy and consume with love. This was my first time eating apple pie (:/) so I can’t say anything too substantive about it, except that it was AMAZING.
Here are some mouthwatering photos from the snapchat world post-Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of other seniors who will dearly miss Usdan Thanksgiving:


(Rata Jivamongkol ’16)


(Lynn Ma ’16)


(Alton Wang ’16)


(Stephanie Ling ’16)


(Kate Ququ Davis ’16)


Last but not least, (Alisse Singer ’16)