As I have said multiple times in my bio and in most of my conversations, Udupi is bae. As a small, hard to notice restaurant about 10 minutes away from campus, Udupi is truly a hidden gem in this area. The service is amazing, the owner is incredibly friendly and always remembers my friends and I, and the service is extremely quick. For such a small place I am always surprised by the fact that it’s always crowded when I go. *Udupi is fully vegetarian.*

Today was my zillionth time there and as usual, I ordered the Butter Masala Dosa. It’s a crepe-like dish made with mashed lentils and rice and spread thinly on a burner. Its crispy enough on the side that you can break it off easily and snack on it, but the middle part is softened by the curried potatoes stuffed inside. It also comes with “Sambar”, which is a lentil-based soup made with other South Indian spices, which pairs perfectly with the Dosa.


Unlike myself, my friends (AS ’16, TA ’16) decided to branch out and get Iddly, Pongal, and Aalo Matar Curry. (Featured in order)

Iddly: Steamed rice patties. Very light and airy with a tasty dipping sauce

Pongal: Rice and lentil stew. A bit on the heavier side and topped off with a lentil fried donut.

Aalo Matar Curry: Potato and green pea curry. Extremely tasty and very flavorful. Paired with rice.


Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 2.15.25 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 2.15.34 PM


Here is a link to their Yelp page and of course, the reviews are amazing: