It’s super easy to get into a routine with eating out on Main, since we’re lucky enough to have great restaurants that have been around since our first eating-out experiences in Middletown. But new restaurants are popping up all the time, and plenty of these are additions that are not to be looked over. One such restaurant is Sabroso, a (gluten-free friendly) Peruvian restaurant near Subway.

Since our last interview, Sabroso has updated their menu with more authentic and regularly available Peruvian dishes due to popular demand during their trial run with such dishes earlier near the opening of the restaurant.

Here is just a sampling of their new and popular dishes:

Hamburgesa Peruana

Hamburgesa Peruana

First was the Hamburgesa Peruana. Along with lettuce and tomato, it’s topped with bacon, generous avocado, and a perfectly cooked oozy egg. The bread is light and doesn’t overwhelm the contents of the burger, but is good for soaking in the egg yolk. In other words, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a perfect burger. What else could you want on it?!

Whole Fish

Whole Fish

Next was a whole fish. Or rather, “Whole Fish”.  An especially impressive dish not only in appearance, but also in flavor. The sauce has a semi-spicy kick, and the fish is moist and flakey, which made it easy to eat despite the bones. It can be baked or fried, depending on your preference.



For dessert was one of the delicious offerings that Duncan, the owner, brings in every morning from a small bakery in Hartford (along with the bread Sabroso uses). Called milhojas, it’s a non-dry flakey pastry layered with caramel. The caramel is more creamy than sticky and thick, and doesn’t have that biting sweetness you might find in some caramel chocolates. As Duncan said, it really is addictive!

Everything was super fresh, and even though the fish and starches were fried (yucca and potato), I still did not feel a heaviness set in even after eating. If you’re looking for a refreshing meal, go for Sabroso!

Inca Cola and Chicha Morada

Inca Cola and Chicha Morada: the former is an interesting tasting soda, and the latter is a house-made drink reminiscent of a fruit infused tea. Delicious!

Yucca Fries

Yucca Fries: I’d eat these over french fries. And served with a mayo dip? Sold.

Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado: the most popular dish; the steak option was tender and juicy, complemented by a soy-based sauce that the french fries soak up wonderfully

In addition to the items added to the regular menu, Sabroso also has weekly specials from Wednesday to Sunday! Like Sabroso on Facebook to see them; a sample menu I saw had slow cooked pork, fried whole tilapia, and shredded ginger beef, so I’d say you wouldn’t want to miss them!

– Rina

Remember that they deliver: there is a $10 minimum for free delivery, but only a $1 delivery charge if you order less than that. In addition, there is always a 10% Wesleyan discount!

170-5 Main St
Middletown, CT 06457