After six months abroad it is absolutely wonderful to return back home to Wesleyan. But for the cherry on top of the cake, or, I suppose, the more necessary Froyoworld back in my life, I knew I had to head down to Main on Friday evening to visit Susan and the rest of the friendly Froyoworld team!

And as expected, there were a cornucopia of updates! Even though I’m sure I’ve been more out of the loop than those of you on campus last semester, I still think they’re worth a second mention:

1. Froyo Happy Hour! From now until the end of January, walk on down to Froyoworld between the hours of 3PM and 6PM for $5 all you can fill! It makes a perfect afternoon pick-me-up, stamina food for unpacking, and a preemptive (but not premature!) treat before you get back to work again.

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2. Waffle bowls! Made fresh and delicious right in store; fill them up like you would a cup. They’re crazy popular!

3. That Valentine’s Day time of year is almost upon us. And because that is largely represented by sweets and sweet things otherwise, Froyoworld has surely got that covered. They’re theming their yogurts in shades of red, and bringing in all of the necessary heart-shaped toppings. For the month of February they’ll also be rolling in Girl Scout cookie flavors, Graham Cracker, Greek Lemon, and Orchard Cherry, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those too!

4. Perform at FroyoWorld: they’re more than happy to give you a space to perform and promote yourself! A capella groups, bands, quintets, you name it. Just shoot them an email at: .
You can also coordinate fundraising for sports teams, student-group-supported causes, and the like. They suggested to me the great idea of coordinating a fundraiser and a performance during the same time slot, which would be great business for both involved. (Contact them at the same email as above.)

5. Kosher certification! All but two flavors have recently been tested and given the O.K. A related reminder: the yogurts are never made from powdered mixes!

Whew. All great news! Despite the time of year or outside weather — which, I mean, really hasn’t been quite as bad this year  – it’s always Froy-o’ clock! They’ve greatly missed the energetic Wesleyan presence, so do make back down again soon!

386 Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457

– Rina

Keep an eye out for more exciting Froyoworld news in the near future, as well as flavor polls and more!