Tonight, WesWings has a special including two of my favorite words on any menu: house made.  For anyone who doesn’t know, “house made” is the hip restaurant term for “home made”.  WesWings is serving chicken cacciatore over house made fettuccini.  The wine sauce is thin, but flavorful, with chunks of onion, carrots, and celery to add texture.  The chicken is nice and moist, thanks in part to the sauce, which soaks into the meat to keep it sweet and succulent.  The bread on the side is an absolute must; how else will you soak up the extra sauce at the end?  The fettuccini – the main attraction – has a softer texture than the usual pasta they serve, but it isn’t mushy.  In fact it is a bit stretchy, so be careful eating it if you don’t want to splash sauce all over your shirt (dark colors recommended).  Overall, the meal is something slightly different to try, especially if you’re scratching your head, looking for ways to use up some of your points; this special goes for $13.95.  So, head on down while it’s still hot – and before they run

- Laura ‘16