It was 5 P.M. on a Wednesday and I was at Fusion Bakery with my photographer, Alex.  The first thing I noticed upon entering Fusion was the overwhelming aroma; it smelled like the inside of a Gingerbread house (in a good way). The baker warmly greeted my photographer and I and we immediately started to look around for Halloween-themed food. Luckily, there was a ton!  The place was filled with the day’s leftover Halloween themed baked goods. Everything from gravestone shaped sugar cookies to a Frankenstein’s Monster cake awkwardly staring at us from behind the Plexiglas. When I asked about the popularity of Halloween-themed treats, he said, “Kids do pass by here for Halloween so we give out candy,” and their tempted parents love to enjoy the sugar cookies and the chocolate mousse items.


Their most famous Halloween item, apparently, is called the dirt cup. It’s literally a cup filled with chocolate mousse, along with several candies (candy corn, gummy bears, etc.). I decided to purchase a witch hat-shaped sugar cookie.  Sugar cookies are pretty common, so I didn’t think it’d be that good, but it was amazing! The back part of the store smelled like apple cider (which is a winter-long offering at Fusion), so you’ll have plenty to look forward to, even after Halloween.


- Sadichchha ’16, photos Alex Fireman ’16