I recently had the savory pleasure of checking out Tschudin Chocolates and, despite the cold walk, it was well worth it! The shop is nestled into a row of stores near the corner of Court St. and Main St. in downtown Middletown, and is marked by a giant sculpture of chocolate-covered cherries. A newspaper article displayed on the outer window reveals that the owner has been a lawyer, tightrope-walker, and trapeze artist, among other things, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.


However, my eyes immediately lit up upon walking in and seeing rows of chocolates behind the glass counter. I wanted everything, but alas, was supposed to see what the store had for Halloween.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have much, and there were not any specials going on (the owner did mention that he would have pumpkin treats soon for Thanksgiving, so keep an eye out!). The Halloween candies they did have were solid milk chocolate molds in the shape of pumpkins, bats, skulls, and other Halloween symbols.  They reminded me of the chocolate bunnies you buy around Easter, except smaller.  Meanwhile, the owner was enthusiastically recommending other things, and since Halloween is a holiday for all chocolates I happily tried what he recommended.


First, I tried what is advertised on a large sign in front of the store, a “Mighty Moussicle.” It is precisely what it sounds like: cold and creamy chocolate mousse surrounded by a dark chocolate shell, on a popsicle stick.  It is a little expensive and heavy, but worth it when you’re in the mood.  Granted, it is a little odd to sell frozen mousse in the cold weather, but I imagine it would be a delicious treat after people get overheated from dancing in Halloween costumes!


I next tried several chocolates, each of which offered something markedly different from the other. First was a simple peanut butter filled milk chocolate, which tasted predictable – but still amazing. It was basically a gourmet Reeses, except with more peanut butter and better quality chocolate.  Second was a chocolate that the owner just referred to as a “Jack Sparrow.” A misshapen blob of dark chocolate, it was aptly named, as it closely resembled Johnny Depp. Inside was a brownie filling, just moist enough to be stuffed into chocolate , yet not runny. The dark chocolate shell crumbles as you bite into it and the brownie is rich and delicious.


My third chocolate was a rectangular shaped milk chocolate with the image of an ornate carriage imprinted onto the top. The inside was a honey-caramel filling that was dependably sweet and soft. My final and favorite chocolate was a beautiful butterfly-shaped white chocolate, colored with a faint orange and purple on top. However, all beautiful food must be eaten eventually, and the butterfly’s taste lived up to its appearance.  It tasted amazingly sweet, with a thin layer of raspberry filling inside. If you aren’t one for very rich chocolate, but are looking for something sweet, definitely get this.


All in all, it would have been nice to devour sweet caramel-filled pumpkins (or something like that), but the trip to Tschudin was still a great excuse to eat candy near Halloween. I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting a gourmet candy, and especially to senior houses looking for classy treats to give away to trick-or-treaters this year. Happy Halloween!

- Gordon


Tschudin Chocolates

Corner Main & Court, Middletown, CT 06457