Hey WesStuffed readers! It’s us again: Haley and Adrie, back for Round 2 of Dormet Cooking—the only place on the web where you can find gourmet food dorm-style with a Weshop specific shopping list.

Casual Cheesy Chili Dogs

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love hotdogs? They’ve been a lunchtime staple in our lives ever since we were small. Of course, our palates have become more sophisticated.

Now, instead of eating them in pieces with our fingers and dunking them in ketchup, or like this, we like ‘em in buns, with mustard, maybe some relish or mayo, and even once (during an interesting experiment) with a fried egg.

There are tons of ways to make a hotdog delicious, and this week we wanted to show you one of our favorite ways: slathered in spicy chili, oozing cheese from the edges, and topped off with creamy guacamole for a fiery, flavorful taste.


Weshop Ingredients & Prices:

Beef hot dogs – $7.89

Canned chili (medium or spicy) – $4.29

Marble Jack cheese – $3.99

Pre-made guacamole – $7.29

Buns – $3.49





1. There are two ways to cook a hotdog in a microwave: wrapped in a paper towel for one minute, or submerged in a bowl of water for three. (We’ve found that hot dogs made with the paper towel method tend to be a bit firmer/tougher than boiled ones.)

2. Slice the hotdog down the middle, but not in half. Place it sliced side up in a bun.

3. Spoon two or three teaspoons of chili into a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 1 minute/1:15

4. Scoop microwaved chili into the sliced part of the hot dog.

5. Sprinkle on cheese as desired.

6. Spread guacamole on top as desired.

7. Add some more cheese to that bad boy because there’s no such thing as too much cheese.

8. Enjoy!chili2