sign_smTheir location isn’t the only thing that has recently changed at Sweet Harmony Cafe-they are also working towards participating in Connecticut’s Farm to Chef program. As you might gather from the title, the Farm to Chef program works with local framers and local restaurants to “connect chefs and food service professionals with growers, producers, and distributors of CT Grown products” This program was started about seven years ago by the Department of Agriculture as a way of supporting the local economy and ensuring that those who participated get the freshest ingredients from farms minutes away. This program has positive benefits for all. By participating, businesses do not have to worry about produce shipped long distances and they also have access to produce that is otherwise not readily available (e.g. Heirloom tomatoes which are too delicate to ship). But clearly, the chefs and food service professionals are not the only ones gaining from involvement in this program. The local farms are being supported, and “tens of thousands” of jobs are kept in state.


To put it plainly, this program is so Wesleyan. When you go to Sweet Harmony, you know you will be getting the freshest possible ingredients while supporting the local Connecticut economy. Truly a win-win situation. We here at Wesstuffed are excited about this new development, and we hope y’all are too!
Happy eating!
-Gillian Mahoney ‘15