Sabroso, which means tasty in Spanish, has truly tasty food, featuring Latin American food at inexpensive prices ($3 appetizers to $10 full dish specials). Sabroso owner, Duncan, formerly a part of the hectic business world, and his mother, owner of the roller skating rink, brought their skills together to open Sabroso and fulfill their dreams of sharing their dearly missed foods with others. Sabroso is conveniently located at 170 Main Street, two blocks from Wesleyan and…. THEY DELIVER. Their increasingly popular dishes which frequently sell out include Lomo Saltado, strips of specially marinated sirloin, Ceviche, fish cooked with citrus acid and Arroz con Pollo, cilantro seasoned rice and chicken.


Arroz con Pollo

The green rice from the Arroz con Pollo reminds me of green eggs and ham because rice is NEVER green. The cilantro flavor from the rice is so subtle that you can only catch it after a large sip of water. When eating it alongside the baked and spiced chicken, the rice adds its flavor to the mix of spices on the chickens.

Lomo Saltado

For their Lomo Saltado, the steak is seasoned and paired with onions and peppers. The small slivers of steak allow a nice steak to pepper and onion ratio per bite. This is especially wonderful when trying to also grab a small bite of the thick cut fries, that are drenched in the steak sauce and yet are surprisingly still crispy after the sauce-pouring.


Yucca Fries

The Yucca Fries have a thin fried outer later with a fluffy inside. Sabroso’s slightly spicy green sauce pairs well with the fries’ light starchy inside; the flavor of the spices are enhanced at the beginning of the bite while the small spicy kick from the spices follows subtly at the end. The fries are so airy that the heaviness you would expect to feel from fried foods only starts to kick in after your first full plate.

Green Sauce, Peruvian Popcorn, and Inca Soda (from Peru)

Green Sauce, Peruvian Popcorn, and Inca Cola (from Peru)

Chichi Morada is the BEST everything drink! It has a fruity and tart beginning with a refreshing spiced ending that completely wipes your tongue’s over stimulated sweet tastebuds. The final spice flavor, very similar to that of an iced chai, allows you to experience the entire flavor mix immediately.


Roasted Chicken

If one member of your party is uninterested in trying new food, don’t worry – American dishes are also offered. Customers, regardless of fussiness, can watch flames burst into the air as Sabroso’s cooks freshly prepare each dish to order. Duncan and his mother also double team to connect with customers to ensure that their dishes make you smile. They frequently experiment with Peruvian dishes to add to their small menu. Customers should definitely visit during these experimentation times because Duncan and his mother often offer a small serving of their Peruvian concoctions asking for reviews.



Duncan buys most of Sabroso’s foods locally, like the sodas from Foxom Park. However, to keep prices on the low end, Duncan buys certain ingredients from larger distributors.  Based on their customer’s feedback, which Duncan takes seriously, Sabroso will soon include gluten free and vegan dishes, more table space for customers, Peruvian desserts, and more full dishes. With no experience in the restaurant business, Duncan and his mother have been starting slow with only a few to-go options on the menu that are familiar to the American pallet. However, thanks to small customer review sheets, and small sampler dishes for customers to try, Sabroso will soon include more Peruvian dishes, and dishes that fulfill common dietary restrictions, that have been rigorously tested to pass Duncan and his mother’s authenticity test.

-  Melissa ‘16 (photos by Laura Hess ’16)



170-5 Main St

Middletown, CT 06457