Perhaps you’ve heard about Sweet Harmony Café and Bakery’s move from Broad Street to Main Street.  If not, they are now where Javapalooza used to be.  When I walked into the new location, I was amazed by the transformation; I would never have recognized it as the old Javapalooza.  The walls are painted a yellow that is at both warm and bright.  Details like a large, colorful mural and small knickknacks give it a cozy, welcoming feel.  The open prep kitchen is a testament to their confidence in their food.


I spoke with Laura Conley, one of Sweet Harmony’s restaurant managers.  She said that she has been enjoying the new location and the effects that it has had on their business.  While their Broad Street location was in a beautiful old Victorian house, it was a bit out of the way.  Now that they’re on Main Street, they get a lot of foot traffic wandering in.  Once they try the food, these new customers keep coming back, and telling their friends.


During my visit, I saw evidence of this first-hand.  Two girls in scrubs walked in, clearly on their lunch break.  The staff joked and chatted with them as they prepared the girls’ meals.  The girls were clearly having a great time, plus they loved the food.  Both promised to come back soon to try more of their menu.  It’s the friendly attitude of everyone at Sweet Harmony that really sets them apart.  Good food gets people to come in, but good service keeps them coming back.


But enough about ambiance and customer service, you probably came here to read about the food.  And don’t worry, the food matches – or maybe even exceeds – the service.  Sweet Harmony has one of the biggest selections of any place on Main Street.  Several cases display the variety of baked goods, from biscotti, to cookies, to muffins, to scones…the list goes on and on.


There is also an enormous menu of savory foods.  There are crêpes, omelets, soups, and sandwiches for everyone (even those who are vegan or gluten-free).  Plus there are an assortment of shakes, smoothies, coffees, and the like.  Trang Tran, another of the managers, served me a breakfast crêpe filled with eggs, cheddar, peppers, onions, and ham.  The crêpe itself was light and buttery, and the fillings balanced themselves out nicely:  the saltiness of the ham and cheese matched the sweetness of the onions and peppers.  This crêpe was so big that I could barely finish it, but so delicious that I simply had to.


For dessert, I tried one of the homemade marshmallows that Sweet Harmony has been experimenting with.  This one was pink and fruity with a chewier, more substantial texture than commercial marshmallows.  They’ve been trying out several flavors, from chocolate to lime, and plan to keep experimenting.  I also tried their chocolate biscotti.  It has an unusually strong chocolate flavor, and a crunchiness that doesn’t try to break your teeth.  It’s the kind of dessert that makes me want to try all of their other flavors, too.


There is a lot to look forward to at Sweet Harmony.  As if their selection wasn’t large enough, they are hoping to start serving gourmet grilled cheese soon.  Their aim is to create combinations that are both comfort food and something really unusual.  This could be a great way to get your fix if you can’t wait for your late night trip to Whey Station.  Sweet Harmony is also hoping to bring back the music series that used to take place at Javapalooza, so keep your eyes open for more news coming soon.


If you were a fan in the Broad Street days, or if you’ve never been to either incarnation of Sweet Harmony Café & Bakery, know that it is the perfect stop if you are looking for a place where the people are as sweet as the food.


- Laura Hess ‘16


Sweet Harmony Café & Bakery

330 Main St.

Middletown, CT