A new froyo shop has arrived, and it’s as tasty as it is cute.  CherryBerry offers seating inside and outside, for enjoying the many flavors they offer.  The bright pink and green interior is very spacious, with a large main area and 3 party rooms (with fully equipped TVs), so you can watch your favorite show or game and chill out with some froyo, too.


“The bright pink and green interior”


CherryBerry uses only fresh, non-powdered yogurt from the Honey Hill Farms.  They have eight yogurt machines on site, which allows them to offer 24 flavors every day (2 flavors in each machine, plus a swirl option).  These flavors include non-fat, low-fat, no sugar added, dairy free (sorbet), kosher, and Greek flavors.  If you are curious about learning the full health benefit of your dessert, you can check online, where the nutrition information is listed for each flavor.


In the back


CherryBerry’s cups allow you to put 1-4 flavors in one cup, thanks to a clever system of dividers.  Plus, they have a huge array of toppings and sauces.  There are literally thousands of possible combinations.


One of the owners, Peter, said that his favorite flavor is Chocolate Monkey (the superswirl combination of Banana Rama and Chocoholic) or Peach Medley (yogurt with peach puree and mango and pineapple flavors).  However, he said that the best seller so far is Chocoholic.

Oh, the choices!

Oh, the choices!


Josephine Ho, one of our taste testers, found the California Tart, one of the plain flavors, to be “not too sweet and not too sour”.  She also gave a glowing review one of the sweeter flavors, Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel:  “It is the smoother and less sweet version of Candy Bar Smash. Candy Bar Smash is a rich blend of flavors like peanut butter, toffee, chocolate and caramel.  Imagine froyo and melted Snickers with toffee swirls!  The lingering taste of caramel and pretzel drop is divine!”  Plus, she was a fan of the sorbets, Watermelon and Mango, which combine to make Rainbow Sorbet.  She appreciated the smooth texture as well as the sweet taste.


I had a chance to make a quick visit as well, once I got back to campus, and I was equally impressed.  I tried the Candy Bar Smash with walnuts and the Java Caramel Greek with chocolate chips.  One of the employees helped us try the flavors we were interested in, so that we could make that tough decision of what to buy.  Both were sweet, but not cloying, with a nice, clean texture that made you feel satisfied instead of stuffed.  I am now a big fan of both the yogurt and the overall atmosphere.

My delicious yogurt combination

My delicious yogurt combination


Another taste tester, Pierre, noted that “While all of the yogurt comes from a single distributor in Pennsylvania, the owner is making an effort to be invested in the local community.  He mentioned a story about recently donating and personally delivering leftover froyo of a discontinued flavor to a local elementary school’s summer camp.”  It’s nice to see more development in the North End of Main St, especially from businesses that are committed to being a part of the community.


If your concerns are more focused on saving the entire planet, CherryBerry uses long-lasting, power-conserving LED lights, which emit less heat than incandescent, allowing the store to use less energy for air conditioning during the hot summer months.


Focusing back on the store environment, you will find one of the friendliest at CherryBerry thanks to their helpful employees.  In fact, friendliness and cleanliness are two of the most important parts of the CherryBerry culture.  So, if you are looking for a job just off campus, you might want to consider working at CherryBerry.  Peter says that he is open to hiring Wesleyan students as long as they can uphold those two important ingredients to the CherryBerry atmosphere.

Berry Bonus Bucks

Berry Bonus Bucks


If the friendly atmosphere and delicious froyo didn’t give you enough reasons to keep coming back, CherryBerry offers a special incentive program.  If you pick up a Berry Bonus Bucks card at their store, you get 1 point for every dollar you spend.  Every 10 points equals $1, so it’s like getting a 10% discount on everything that you buy.  Plus, Wesleyan students get 10% off if they show their WesCard.  Soon, CherryBerry is planning to accept Middletown Cash, making it even easier to buy their tasty froyo.  And, as Peter told us, “WesStuff is now the first to know that later in the fall we will have Apple Pie and Pumpkin yogurt flavor offerings as well. Can’t wait?”


- Laura ’16 (with special thanks to Josephine Ho ’16, Pierre Gerard ’15, and Jeremiah Monk ’15; photos by Josephine Ho ’16 and Laura Hess ’16)



423 Main St

Middletown, CT 06457