Of course NoRA’s Cupcake Company has been written about before, but being a brand new NoRA’s customer, I was still expecting a typical run-of-the-mill cupcake shop with cutesy cartoons and a lot of pastels. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to see an edgier version of “Central Perk”. The first thing I did (naturally) was trying an Apple Bourbon Crumble and it was so delicious that I almost fell off my chair.


Not only did the shop greet me with a sweet smell, but Carrie, the managing partner, greeted me with a smile that was no less. Wesleyan students are already in love with NoRA’s savory cupcakes, so what’s coming up for them to look forward to? When asked about future plans, Carrie responded, “Of course! Who isn’t looking to expand these days?” Since Krust Pizza started serving their cupcakes, we were wondering whether to expect any future collaborations with other companies. I was bracing myself to hear about areas in which a new NoRA’s would emerge, but it was really refreshing to hear Carrie talk about promoting small businesses around Connecticut. “My goal is to support as many small businesses and passionate people like myself,” as she mentioned Michael’s Deli, Baked in Windsor, Jelly’s and Jams, Woodfire Breads, some of many other small businesses she supports and has collaborated with. “I bake with passion, love, time, energy, awareness and by being mindful of ingredients”.

Most people are also curious about the Frosting Shots at NoRA’s. Since they’ve only been in circulation for a few weeks, it’s hard to predict much, but apparently they’ve generated a lot of buzz so we’ll see in a month or so. As well as super sweet frosting shots, NoRA’s also serves some savory items. The most popular ones are their croissant sandwiches! The cupcakes are what reel the customers in and the sandwiches are more of an “after-thought”, as Carrie put it. But then again, savory and sweet always complement each other, so why not?

And of course, being completely uncreative, I was curious about how they come up with their recipes (Jalapeño Mango?). “I wish there was some miraculous answer,” responded Carrie. “I love food, I love to eat, I love going out to dinner and I love trying new things.” Carrie was one of the lucky few to have her “brain wired to think outside the box of food,” and for that, we are all thankful.

It was definitely clear, however, that her focus was on cupcakes for a while. That’s understandable, though, since most people come to NoRa’s looking to fulfill the demands of their sweet tooth.

- Sadichchha ’16 (with special thanks to Kate Davis ’16)


NoRA Cupcake Company

700 Main Street

Middletown, CT 06457