The It’s Only Natural Restaurant (ION) is no longer a hidden gem of Middletown.  On August 1st, the restaurant moved from their old location in the back of the Main Street Market to a new space at 606 Main Street (directly across from The It’s Only Natural Market).

Renana Magee, the owner of ION, is excited for the change. Not only will it mean that the restaurant will have a sidewalk storefront, but it also provides Renana with the opportunity to give the eatery a brand new look. “We have a new wooden bar being made, exposed brick, and new tables. It’s going to be awesome,” she tells us.


Photo Credit: It’s Only Natural Restaurant


While customer favorites such as the sweet potato fries and vegan cupcakes will remain on the menu, Renana revealed that they’ll be changing it up quite a bit. “Our menu will be 100% vegan,” she says. In addition, daily specials will be offered every day featuring locally sourced ingredients. One item that you can expect to see on the special list is hearty, homemade soup (the type will vary daily) served with bread and carrot miso spread, but as far as other menu offerings are concerned, Renana left us in suspense. “You’ll have to come visit to see the new items we’re adding,” she says, and you can bet that we will.

-Melissa Leung ’16

It’s Only Natural Restaurant

606 Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457