It’s easy to forget that despite our absensce, Middletown’s ever-growing Main Street and all of the restaurants that surround it continue to change and develop. In this column, we’ll fill you in on all the deliciousness you’ve missed this summer and should look forward to for the fall! 

The last time I got to meet with Susan, the owner of Froyoworld, was during the winter for a Holiday Specials post. The yogurt menu was full of flavors like Gingerbread and Pumpkin Pie, and other things that tasted like Christmas. The offerings have definitely changed with the seasons into a whole new realm of rotating, refreshing flavors and toppings that fit perfectly for the summer, including Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Cracker Jack, Blackberry, and Graham Cracker.

FroyoWorld FroyoWall

Options. Lots of them. And they’re all good ones.

“Cracker Jack”, which is the flavor of the month, is spot on. Watermelon is much like Italian ice, and the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade is like a creamy lemonade with its biting tartness still in tact. My favorite, though, was probably the Blackberry, which reminded me of frozen Greek yogurt, with just a bit of a lighter consistency. It’s a perfect summer flavor to top with the plethora of fruit and fruity toppings, like watermelon, mango, and lychee boba.

FroyoWorld Fruit

Rachel and my recommendation: Don’t put fruit on mint yogurt. The mint is super refreshing, and the fruit is super refreshing, but that doesn’t always make a good mashup. We both somehow thought it was a good idea, so I thought I’d spread the knowledge and let you know that it isn’t.

FroyoWorld Dividers

Use a *new* divider to avoid conflict!

FroyoWorld Boba

MIddletown loves boba. More flavors than I’ve seen at any other froyo shop!

Beyond a new spread of flavors and toppings, Froyoworld has also  expanded its community engagement with the kick-off of their first (of hopefully many!) weekend music nights. This past Saturday, local artists John Spignesi and Zack Borgstedt entertained customers, and beginning on August 25th, (we’ll remind you) Froyoworld will donate a percentage of their sales to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Froyo JDRF Flyer

When we inquired about the change in customer flow after the opening of Cherry Berry, which is not far (at all) down the same street, they said that there really hasn’t been a noticeable drop, and that there are plenty of loyal customers that  still come in every weekend. Susan puts an incredible amount of attention into figuring out how to get the Middletown customers what they want and keeping a welcome and happy environment, so the steady business comes naturally. All of the flavors and toppings are chosen individually per store, and Susan’s daughter even created her own topping (see below!).
Susan also recently opened up another Froyoworld shop in Waterbury, stating that the flavors and toppings are starkly different. Middletown is much more inclined to healthier, fresher toppings, whereas her Waterbury shop is basically a spread of different types of chocolate and more chocolate. The toppings selections at both stores is constantly changing and developing. She’s thinking about offering chia seeds here. Thoughts?

FroyoWorld Carnival Crunch

An incredible mix of pretzels, chips, and white chocolate. “Carnival Crunch,” an original topping by Middletown FroyoWorld!

For all of you lucky kids still around on campus this summer, treat yourself (and temporarily escape an un-airconditioned living situation) by taking a trip to Main for some Froyoworld. This is kind of stating the obvious, but you won’t regret it.

FroyoWorld Seating

Come take a seat!

386 Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457


with photography by Rachel Rosengard