Continuing with cool salads for warm weather, I present…the Thai Beef Salad with Mint.  This salad can be made with leftover beef that you grilled ahead of time, which significantly cuts down on prep time.  I used fresh mint leaves from our garden, but you can also buy them from the grocery store.  The nam pla should be available at your local grocery store as well, but if you can’t find it there, try an Asian food supermarket or specialty store.  This will be a tangy, refreshing salad that you will be glad you made.


nam pla fish sauce


This recipe was adapted from Bitman’s The Best Recipes in the World.  It serves four easily.



  1. ½ pound beef tenderloin or boneless sirloin
  2. 4 cups torn romaine lettuce or other salad greens
  3. 1 cup torn fresh mint leaves
  4. ¼ cup minced onion
  5. 1 medium cucumber, cut in half lengthwise, seeded, and diced
  6. juice of 1-2 limes
  7. 1 tablespoon nam pla (fish sauce)
  8. 1/8 teaspoon cayenne
  9. ½ teaspoon sugar



  1. Grill the beef until rare or medium-rare.
  2. Set beef aside to cool.
  3. Toss lettuce with mint, onion, and cucumber.
  4. Combine the rest of the ingredients with 1 Tablespoon water to make the dressing.
  5. Transfer the greens to a platter.
  6. Thinly slice the beef, keeping the juices.
  7. Combine the juices with the dressing.
  8. Lay the slices of beef over the salad.
  9. Drizzle the dressing all over and serve.




I hope this salad is enough to cool you down.


- Laura ‘16