Now that I’ve caught up on sleep (it only took three weeks), re-established my mental facilities, and truly embarked on Summer 2013, I have made a resolution. I will, once and for all, learn how to cook,. Dear reader, if you are out there, congratulations; for you will have the unbelievable privilege of reading about all my adventures in the miniature NYC kitchen that I am soon to call home.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my culinary history. Despite my sincere passion for food, it is almost exclusively centered around the act of eating. I have tried cooking. My strawberry banana smoothie is to die for, and my attempts to make “Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese” have been primarily successful. At previous instances in my life, I have tried to learn the ancient art of food-making; however, all of these efforts have quickly disintegrated due to minor disasters (small fires and food poisoning are two examples) along the way.

But this time I shall perservere. The moment is NOW. If I want to be a real food writer, I’m going to have to learn the process by which food is actually created. I mean… I guess if I REALLY wanted to know the process by which food is created, I would have to go work on a farm or something… but that is DEFINITELY not happening.

I even got myself a cookbook. Sure, food websites are great (deliberate irony), but there is NOTHING like real bindings and paper to seriously drill information into your brain. The book is called How to Cook Everything: The Basics, and it claims to give you “all you need to make great food”! Mark Bittman, you better not be lying to me.

how could I fail!?

“All you need to make great food”

I am very certain that I will be successful. There are lots of pictures in this book, and the first recipe is for oatmeal…

You just watch. By the end of the Summer, I’m going to be a master chef. In the meantime, stay tuned for what’s sure to be a whirlwind of adventures in my kitchen. Roomates, I apologize in advance. Alex, if I die, please change the name of this blog to “AriStuffed”, and eat some Usdan Apple Crisp in my honor.”

Okay- I’m off to the kitchen. It’s time to master scrambled eggs!

Talk to you soon!