Perhaps you have noticed the now semi-regular presence of smoothies in the Usdan Marketplace.  Perhaps you have not.  If you have not, PAY ATTENTION! If you have, good job, you have eyes.  The point of this post is to tell you to TRY THEM!  And to congratulate Bon Appétit for putting us in a summery mood with delicious cold drinks.


These smoothies have come in different flavors every time, but the best one so far has been the strawberry smoothies.  All of the smoothies are blended right there, sometimes causing a line to build up, but also ensuring the freshness of your drink.  The strawberry smoothies are not-quite-pepto pink with smaller, darker chunks of strawberries.  They have the perfect thickness and the perfect sweetness.  Actually these are so good that I had to go back for refills twice!  So, reader, keep an eye out for smoothies as you attempt to use up your meals before you leave.  They will keep you cool and satisfied.

- Laura ‘16