How’s Olin treatin’ ya? Unfortunately it’s almost the end of the year, and more unfortunately that means final papers, final projects, and final exams aplenty. I dunno about you, but as I look to procrastinate in any way I can, with eating being my go-to method, it’s primary point-draining time (and wasting more time browsing Weshop). I’m trying to not eat an entire jar of Nutella this time, because that hurts studying/functioning ability more than it helps. If you’re looking to head over to Weshop for some fuel, I’ve made a brief list of some cleaner options that I think would try to help you out:

Fruits! Your brain needs some sugar to move, and fruit provides a great amount (not too much) of this in addition to fiber and vitamins/minerals. I’m so glad Weshop started selling whole watermelons. That has always been one of my favorite snacks. Whole watermelon. Extreme hydration!

not watermelon though

Avocados! A great portable veggie…or fruit. Either way, a great super-satiating brain snack (healthy fats!) that you can scoop right out of its skin or fill with even more brain food:

Nuts and Nut Butters! Healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins/minerals galore. However, if you’re looking to mindlessly snack, I wouldn’t recommend an entire jar of peanut butter or an entire container of almonds. That’s a lot of food. Two tablespoons of butter or a handful of nuts seems to be a perfect amount. Cashew butter and sunflower seed butter with celery and carrots is delicious.

Ants on a Log 2.0

Popcorn! This is your mindlessly snacking snack. It’s a “whole grain” that won’t make you feel sick after not noticing you just ate a bag or two. Just avoid the chemically stuff, or, better yet, make your own! If you have some kind of natural sugar substitute on hand to use for this (xylitol, stevia, etc.), all the better.
Opt for some Smartfood if you’re really pressed for time.

this took me too longer than I would have liked to understand it

I’ve become extremely dependent on caffeine in the past few weeks, and if you have as well (or if you have always been):
Black coffee. (Espwesso.) A cup a day will keep the Alzheimer’s away. Or something like that. Maybe. But for the immediate reason to consume it, it’ll surely give you the mental kick you need. I never sugar my coffee, because it gives me an insta-headache, and makes me super unfocused. However, I have recently been using some soymilk and ice to make it more weather appropriate, and it’s super delicious. Yes, most soymilk has added sugar, but as long as you aren’t downing cups of it you’lll be okay.
Sencha Shots! So good. By all of the other refrigerated canned drinks in Weshop. Might not give you the same buzz as Red Bull or Amp, but it also won’t kill you.

Not dairy. it definitely depends on the person, but, in the end, we just don’t agree. And believe me, I thought I was dependent on cheese, because I would consume a block and a half to two blocks of it each week (raw cheddar at Weshop, mmm). Also I would eat just butter, and make breves all the time. But after hitting a meat-and-dairy wall, and ceasing my dairy consumption entirely for about two weeks, I felt absolutely wonderful, both mentally and physically. But if you have absolutely no problem with it, full-fat, organic, and raw Weshop options are the way to go. They’ll keep you full and, and the fat is good for the brain. Raw cheese, plain full-fat Greek yogurt, and Ronnybrook dairy products are all good options.

Fish: Wild Sardines and Salmon. Omega-3s galore! Very clean and pure proteins. The sardines in olive oil would be great in a Greek salad, with a toasted, crusty bread (if you can eat it), and added to a tomato-based pasta dish. Or, add a can of salmon to a microwave-rice bowl, and top with soy sauce for a makeshift traditional Japanese meal.

Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks: Wasabi! Although not actually wasabi, the horseradish used to imitate it isn’t a bad sub. (Fun Fact: apparently it stimulates the digestive system, so this might be a good call if you’re feeling a little down from some bad stress-snacking choices before.) If you just need a small power snack, and aren’t really hungry, these are great.


For more of a treat: if that paper’s coming along great! Or if it really, really isn’t.

Reese’s: though I wish that Justin’s were at Weshop, when considering “mainstream” candy, these aren’t all that bad. No hydrogenated oils or food colorings. They also satisfy the salty-sweet cravings.

Ritter Sport: A bit ago, Weshop exploded with the amount of chocolate bars they offer, and I was recently introduced to the wonderful Ritter Sport bar (espresso). Though pretty sweet, it’ll satisfy a sugar craving. The darker chocolate the better.

So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream: if you need your ice cream. I don’t blame you. It’s cleaner than the other (dairy) ice creams at Weshop, and coconut milk is significantly better for you (the fat in coconut = fat for energy, not to sit on your body).  I ate a whole pint of the cookies and cream flavor for dinner once. But I guess that’s unnecessary.

These are just a few snacks that came to mind first, but really, Weshop will take care of you; it’s not at all difficult to find a healthy studying snack. I’ve neglected drinks because all of the plastic bottles makes me a little sad, but, I’d be a hypocrite to say it doesn’t happen anyways (I have Red Bull and Sencha Shot cans on my desk from previous times of desperation to remind me.)
What are your go-to reading period snacks?

- Rina