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Looking back at our past recipes, we’ve realized that we haven’t really done much in the way of breakfast foods. This week, we skipped Usdan breakfast to make our OWN version of cheesy eggs. It was an incredibly easy recipe to make, perfect for the dorm room chef with minimal time before class. And the eggs were delicious as well – perfectly fluffed, with a decadent blend of cheese and pepper creating an early morning masterpiece. Although we took a more minimalist approach, we encourage you to add whatever ingredients or toppings you desire (we’re definitely hitting up some bacon tomorrow morning).

mug scrambled eggs4

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Ingredients & Weshop Prices:

Eggs (doz) – $3.29

Milk – $1.89

Parmesan cheese – $3.39
Salt/pepper combo – $2.39



1. Crack two eggs into a large mug or bowl. Carefully pick out any pieces of shell.

2. Add approximately two tablespoons (two regular spoonfuls) of milk.

3. Add salt and pepper to taste

4. Stir egg, milk, salt, and pepper vigorously with a fork*, breaking the yolk.

5. Put egg mixture in the microwave for between 1:30 and 2 minutes, keeping a very close eye. The mixture should be fluffy and completely cooked through.

6. Add cheese as desired, mixing it in by scrambling the egg – we used a little less than a handful.

7. Enjoy!


* please make sure to clean your fork if you’re planning to use the same one to eat the eggs, no one wants salmonella!

-Adrie Lofters & Haley Keyko ’16