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The First Falafel – Ania Rojek ’16

At home, my Polish family doesn’t consider a meal to be a meal unless it has some kind of meat on it. I decided I would try to change that ...

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Gilly’s Corner- Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gilly’s Corner is where delicious dreams come true! I went through a phase, as we all do, when I was obsessed with Nutella. Maybe I’m not out of it yet. ...

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Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk at Usdan

One of the most popular phenomenons in college dining halls occurs after the main part of the meal is over. “Sooo… I’m gonna go get dessert”, one person says, and ...


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Taste with a Twist – Chocolate-Raspberry-Kombucha Cookies

Wesleyan’s Samantha Maldonado takes on traditional recipes and gives them a surprising twist, using creative alternatives from the local food co-ops to recreate tasty treats. Not only does she experiment, ...

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Spicy Meatballs over Couscous – Miriam Olenick ’13

My roommate is very anti-recipe – he often cooks by making stuff up as he goes along, and by continuously tasting his food. This works out for him most of ...

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Sea Salt and Poppy Seed Crackers VL

Venture into the Bread Baking World: Sea Salt and Poppy Seed Crackers – By Veronica Lumbantoruan ‘15

Truth be told, I actually had serious doubts about making this recipe happen and posting it on this column. I have a couple reasons for that. First of all, who ...

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Food Should Taste Good Chocolate (Flavor) Chips

Chocolate Chips…But Not Like That – Rina Kremer ’15

The other day, whilst in Weshop, I came across a pretty interesting find. Chocolate chips. As in, like, chips that are chocolate. Wait. But, like, they’re chips. Umm. Yeah, like ...

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Save Room for Dessert at Lan Chi’s!

Ever since Lan Chi’s opened in late February, we here at WesStuffed have been big fans of their fresh, authentic Vietnamese cuisine. But on a weeknight dinner out, I found ...

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Bran Muffins – Laura Hess ’16

This recipe belonged to my grandma, Ida Fremmer Perry Russ.  She passed it on to my mum who in turn taught it to me.  I pretty much grew up eating ...

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Come to WesStuffed’s WesFest Event Tomorrow!

Hello WesStuffed Readers! As you probably already know, WesFest begins tomorrow. Time to convince all those bright eyed and bushy tailed pre-frosh that Wesleyan is the best school in the ...

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