Back around Easter I posted my first Sangria recipe that was meant to also kick off the spring season, but was more realistically me wanting spring weather to be here already, because it wasn’t very warm that weekend (or during the weeks that followed). But now that it’s been a good, solid week or so of sixties and seventies, I think it’s finally safe to say that it is spring. So, here’s Happy Spring! sangria recipe number two: it’s a citrusy, warm-colored drink that has a very light taste and a lot more juice in it than wine, so it’s okay to casually drink on those lazy weekend evenings spent lounging outside (rather than inside doing all those final paper and projects…).

Variations: use lime slices, add cut pineapple, and go with or without soda, depending on if you like carbonation

Variations: use lime slices, add cut pineapple, ice, and go with or without soda. Options!

Spring Sangria (Number Two)
adapted from: Eat, Drink, Love

What to Use:
– 8 c. chardonnay (dry okay)
– 4 c. pineapple juice
– 2 c. orange juice
– 1 orange, sliced
– 1 lemon, sliced
– 8 tsp. lime juice
– 2 bottles Fresca

What to Do:
If serving in the next two hours or so:
Combine all of the ingredients, besides the Fresca, in a large bowl; stir, and refrigerate. Add the Fresca before serving.

If serving a lot later:
The citrus slices can cause the sangria to go a bit bitter if kept in the mixture for a long time, so those should also be withheld from the mixture until about two hours before serving.

– Rina