WesStuffed recently held an event for Prefrosh, to which many of our favorite Middletown restaurants donated food.  Perhaps the most generous was Cold Stone Creamery.  They actually sent a mini-freezer filled with ice cream!  When the Prefrosh were unable to eat all of this ice cream, and to be fair it was an awful lot, we were told to keep the extra containers to share with our dorms.  I brought two flavors to the Butt C kitchen:  a chocolate ice cream with brownies, and a special WesStuffed flavor (with brownies and cookie dough!).

I asked my friends to fill out short comments on what they thought of the ice creams in exchange for tastes.  There was a small debate over which flavor was better, but the general consensus was that both were great, so it didn’t really matter.


Here are some of the more notable comments:

Chocolate Brownie:


“Chocolate tasted like cake <3”

“The ice cream is delicious – brownies are possibly my favorite topping.”

WesStuffed special flavor:

“Creamy & Delicious”

“LOVED THE VANILLA FLAVOR creamy, loved the filling”



“Could not be better”

“Delicious.  I want to eat all of it but I’d die.”

“REALLY REALLY GOOD!  The chocolate and the cookie dough and brownie!”

“I like Ice Cream  They’re both good”

If you can’t tell from the amount of caps locks and underlines, we REALLY liked these flavors.  If you didn’t get a chance to try them, there’s still a bit in our freezer.  If you miss it though, Cold Stone is only a short walk away, right down on Main St.  Either way, Cold Stone certainly won over some fans in Butt C.

Thank you, Cold Stone.

- Laura ‘16


Cold Stone Creamery

125 Riverview Ctr, Middletown, CT 06457

(860) 347-2653