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As the days (slowly, oh so slowly) get warmer, we’ve been enjoying leafy greens more than usual. Maybe it’s related to our unconscious desire for it to be spring. Maybe we’ve gotten sick of heavy winter food. Maybe we were reminded that we’re going to have to be in bathing suits soon…whatever the reason, we wanted to bring you a healthier, lighter recipe this week. By adding juicy pink salmon, sprinkling on slices of ripe avocado, and drizzling tangy mayo and Greek yogurt over it all, we created a nutritious, flavorful salad that’s great to have as a fast lunch or dinner.

ig1a06_salmon_salad_lg Photo

WeShop Ingredients & Prices:

Salmon can – $4.59

Baby Romaine leaves – $4.99

Mayonnaise – $5.19 (or free packets in WeShop)

Greek yogurt – $5.09

Avocado – $1.79

Baby lettuce – $4.99

Celery – $3.09

Lemon – $0.79

Salt and pepper combo – $2.39


1. Slice an avocado in half.

2. Cut the other half into small squares.

3. Slice two stalks of celery into small pieces.

4. Combine Romaine leaves, two handfuls of lettuce, and sliced avocado and celery in a bowl, mixing well.

5. Drain a can of salmon and take care to pick out any bones.

6. Use a fork to flake the salmon on top of the mixed vegetables.

7. Slice a lemon in half, saving one for later. Squeeze the lemon juice out of one half into a separate bowl. Pick out the lemon seeds and pour the juice on top of the salmon and vegetable mixture.

6. If you are using mayo packets, squeeze two into the salmon and vegetable mixture. If you have a jar of mayo, add two small spoonfuls to the salmon and vegetable mixture.

7. Add two small spoonfuls of Greek yogurt to the mixture.

8. Mix the salad thoroughly. Add salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!

- Adrie Lofters & Haley Keyko ’16