The other day, whilst in Weshop, I came across a pretty interesting find. Chocolate chips.
As in, like, chips that are chocolate. Wait. But, like, they’re chips. Umm.

Food Should Taste Good Chocolate (Flavor) Chips

Yeah, like that.

I’m not actually a huge fan of chips in general, to be honest. I guess I just don’t really get them. But I’m aIways down for something kinda different, and especially the salty things that should be sweet and vice versa and maybe some of both at the same time. Especially if chocolate is involved.

Food Should Taste Good Chocolate (Flavor) Chips Label

 As you can see above, they’re made by Food Should Taste Good. And as you can see here, they have just about every (entirely made up by them) symbol for every legitimate and not-so-legitimate dietary specification: all natural, cholesterol free, low sodium (is the salt shaker icon necessary, really?), certified kosher, good source of fiber (apparently wheat or what one would readily recognize as wheat means fiber, but that’s conflicting because these are gluten free), no MSG, no trans fat, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and excellent source of whole grains. If you’re wondering, the ingredients are basically corn, corn, cocoa, and cocoa. These chips are good, yes, but I found this labeling to be just a little ridiculous.

These have a very nice subtle in-between a little bitter and with a hint of pleasantly sweet cocoa. Because of the texture and medium, I wouldn’t really say chocolate, necessarily, but the cocoa flavor is quite good. More salty than sweet, you won’t be getting your sugar-granule-covered chip here. They remind me of “grown up” chocolate Teddy Grahams, but gluten-free folk can eat them, and they also they get stuck in your mouth less.

These were definitely gone in one day.

Happy Finding Fun New Food in Weshop!