Ever since Lan Chi’s opened in late February, we here at WesStuffed have been big fans of their fresh, authentic Vietnamese cuisine. But on a weeknight dinner out, I found out that Lan Chi’s is also serving up some seriously yummy desserts.

Though my dining companion and I were pretty stuffed from our entrees (she ordered vegetarian Pho and I enjoyed the Ginger and Chili Chicken – yum!), we couldn’t turn down dessert.

I was so concerned with getting to my first bite that I don’t remember what my dessert was called, but I do remember that is was pretty awesome. Our server recommended the mousse-filled chocolate treat, saying it’s very popular. What arrived at the table was a ball of chocolate and vanilla mouse wrapped in a crunchy shell of dark chocolate. The texture combo was perfect – like a gourmet ice cream bar. It was sweet and satisfying, but the light mousse didn’t make me feel too full.


Mystery dessert, I’m sorry that I don’t remember your name, but I’d love a second date with you.


My dinner date ordered the Caramel Turtle cheesecake. As a self-proclaimed cheesecake connoisseur, she didn’t hesitate in confirming that this was some damn tasty stuff. It did everything cheesecake does well (the tangy, creamy, satisfying bite combined with a delicate crust) and more. The layer of melted chocolate and another of caramel made for a terrific combo.

Cheesecake lovers, prepare to drool everywhere.

Cheesecake lovers, prepare to drool everywhere.


Between their tasty appetizers and entrees, extensive drinks menu, and decadent desserts, Lan Chi’s is serving up one satisfying meal. So make sure you trust your server and save room for dessert!

-Sarah Koppelkam ’15