Last weekend I dropped by Michael’s Deli to finally try out the macaroons that are part of some of the new additions to the menu. Macaroons have recently become one of my most appreciated  food items in light of the fact that they’re grain free.

Chris has both chocolate-drizzled macaroons and “plain” or “original” macaroons. I am in love with both of them.

Michael's Deli chocolate drizzled macaroons

It might seem like a chocolate drizzle could only do so much, but there’s actually quite a difference. The flavor of the chocolate drizzle stood out to me especially. I can’t exactly pinpoint why, but it had a very good level of both sweetness and cocoa content that made it very smooth and a perfect complement the light and buttery macaroon. The macaroon without the chocolate had a much more prominent buttery fragrance. Both are moist and light with a little crunch on the outside and very soft on the inside.

Michael's Deli macaroons

While in to pick some up, I also noticed that Chris had started making mini versions of his desserts. I got to try the mini cheesecake and chocolate mousse which were in the case that day.

Michael's Deli mini cheesecake

Michael's Deli chocolate mousse

I already ranted about how fantastic the cheesecake is, and the mousse is definitely no exception to the everything-at-Michael’s-Deli-is-delicious rule. It has a buttery and crumbly Oreo crust which was generously topped with a light and silky smooth chocolate puff (of mousse, yes). What I really appreciate about the desserts here is that they are never too sweet. You’ll never get that feeling that you just took in a solid spoonful of sugar, or that sinking and heavy feeling conventional desserts will tend to leave you with.

Chris always seems to be coming up with new offerings, recipes, and ideas, and I’m sure there’s more to come soon. He also extended the hours that Michael’s Deli will be open, and it is now open on Sundays! If you haven’t yet made it out yet (or perhaps have not heard of it), I really do encourage you to take a nice (short) walk down there for a lunch you will most certainly be back for!

- Rina

Michael’s Deli 
83 Broad Street  Middletown, CT 0645
860- 788-2650