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I don’t know what it is about spring time, (maybe the proximity to Cinco de Mayo?) but we were craving something spicy and cheesy with Mexican flair. We could not have been happier with what our stomachs drove us to create. The nachos were crisp, covered with delicious bold-flavored cheese, and had the perfect fiery kick of jalepeños.


Ingredients & WeShop Prices:

Shredded Mexican Cheese – 3.99

Tostitos (Restaurant Style) – 3.99

Green Mountain Gringo Salsa (Hot) – 4.49

Avocado – 1.79



1. Get a bowl or plate and spread out a handful or two of chips.

2. Sprinkle a generous couple of handfuls of cheese evenly over the chips.

3. Place in the microwave and heat on high for 90 seconds.

4. Take out and pour on the salsa.

5. Slice the avocado and spread over the top.

6. Eat immediately while the cheese is still warm. Enjoy!


-Adrie Lofters & Haley Keyko