Every time I walk into Weshop, I am overwhelmed by the onslaught of trendy new products I find on their shelves. Yesterday, I took some time to snap a couple pictures of all the coolest items I saw during my Weshop browse. I’m not sure if they’ve been there for years or days, but either way, they’re a real indicator of Wesleyan’s growing foodie status.

Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits:
bacon bits
Bacon is what I call a passion food. People are obsessed with it. They put it on everything. Eggs, sandwiches, chicken, chocolate….Even ice cream! Not every food is a passion food. I’ve never met someone, for example, who is obsessed with pears! (Feel free to argue this statement). Speaking of pears, the real bacon bits were ironically located in the produce section. In fact, they were sitting atop the pears. What are you trying to tell us Weshop?

Green Valley Lactose Free Yogurt:

yogurtWhen I was in high school, I pretty much lived on this stuff. It’s a great option for lactose intolerant folks because although it’s made with dairy, it’s somehow lactose free! It’s super light and creamy, a tiny bit thcker than most normal yogurts but not quite as thick as Greek, and it comes in some awesome flavors. My favorites are strawberry and coffee.

Campbell’s New England Clam Chowder Soup on the Go: 


I’m very curious about Campbell’s microwavable clam chowder, although to be honest I’ll probably never try it. Dairy-based soups with fish in them that are unrefridgerated and have shelf lives of several years sort of freak me out.

Koyo Ramen:


Now this is something I would eat. I’m overjoyed that Weshop finally has a healthier packaged ramen with organic noodles! Disclaimer: I’ve had these and they don’t fulfill a ramen craving in quite the same way that Top Ramen does; but if you’re looking for a hot bowl of noodle soup, and you’re not looking for enough sodium to last a lifetime, it’s a good option.

Gluten Free Multi-Seed Crackers:


I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen these in Weshop before, but if they’ve been there for a while let me know. I’m going to pretend that they haven’t…Good news gluten free people! Weshop now has a multi-grain cracker. It looks pretty yummy. Let me know if you’ve tried it.

Saffron Road Falafel Flavored Spicy Chickpeas:


Guys, I’m pretty psyched about these. Usually I just dip falafel chips into hummus, but chickpeas AND falafel all in one?! It’s the two in one shampoo of the snacking world!!! Has anyone tried these?!

Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins:


Puffins are a great ceral. They’re crunchy and light, with little holes so that the milk soaks into the hollow middle. They’re also better for you than some of the other cereal brands. I’ve seen the plain ones at Weshop, but the peanut butter flavor is a step up! My favorite kind is the chocolate/peanut butter mix. If anyone from Weshop is reading this….I’m sure they’d be a huge hit!

Love Crunch Granola: 

love crunch

My prayers have been answered! Love Crunch granola, a brand that I am OBSESSED with, is finally at Weshop. Over winter break I tried the dark chocolate and red berry variety, but since then I’ve tried the other flavors too, and currently have two of each kind in my makeshift Hewitt pantry (lolz crew girls). I have never met anyone who doesn’t love this granola. The two flavors they carry, dark chocolate and red berries as well as the apple crumble, are pretty delicious, but i they could get carrot cake and banana bread, my life would be complete.

Go Raw Live Pumpkin Bar:

live pumpkin

I’m not sure how I feel about eating anything that is characterized as “live”, but I guess if I have to, pumpkins would be a good option. My mother and my crew coach love the “Go Raw” brand, and although I’ve never tried it, these bars looked pretty interesting to me. Has anyone ever eaten one?

Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar:

coconut sugar

Coconut sugar has been referred to as “nature’s best substitute”. It is described as tasting like “brown sugar with a hint of caramel”. It is unrefined, and therefore full of vitamins and minerals. It also doesn’t have the same negative effect on  blood sugar levels that normal sugar has. Coconut sugar can be substituted into lots of baking recipes. Need an idea? Hope-Made uses it in her gluten and dairy free brownies!

Enjoy Life Gluten Free Cookies: 

enjoy life

Again, I’m not sure how long these guys have been sold at Weshop, but I was excited to see them. More treats for our gluten free friends! Enjoy Life is a company that makes allergy-friendly and gluten free foods. Their products range from cookies to granola to bars to chocolate. Weshop offers their chocolate chip and sugar crisp “crunchy cookies” (as opposed to soft baked). Has anybody tried these?

Keebler’s Ready Chocolate Crust:

chocolate crust

Not only does Weshop sell regular Keebler’s ready pie crust, but now they have chocolate too! Does anybody know any good recipes with chocolate pie crust? Shoot us a comment if you do!

Organic Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans:


Chocolate covered espresso beans are by far one of the best study snacks. If you’re trying to pull an all-nighter, all you have to do is pop a few of these babies and both your caffiene and sugar fixes will be satisfied for the night! They also happen to be pretty delicious. Be careful! Just one will keep you buzzing for a couple hours!

What kinds of fun foods have you seen at Weshop lately? Post a comment below and let us know!

Happy eating!