It’s official!

We are proud to inform you that the WesStuffed team is finally opening up our own restaurant on Main Street.

The eatery, which will be named after CFO and head chef Michael Roth, will be featuring continental cuisine in an upscale, sophisticated atmosphere.

Roth, who specializes in the gastronomical delights of Scandinavia, is looking forward to creating a diverse and delicious menu.

Roth has a long history of working in the food industry.

Roth has a long history of working in the food industry.

“The menu will mix Wesleyan student favorites with tried and true Scandinavian delicacies”, says Roth.

Such dishes will include lutefisk grilled cheese, fermented herring wings (with either buffalo, rochester, honey ginger, or BBQ sauce), and for all the vegans out there, an imitation reindeer meat with lingonberry vegan butter.

“We’re going to have something for everybody”, Roth explains.

The WesStuffed girls could not be more thrilled about the opening of their new restaurant. In addition to their daily presence in the dining room to chat with guests and make sure their staff is staying on task, they promise to, when the time is right, get their own hands a little dirty in the kitchen.

“Ari and Alex are AMAZING cooks”, gushes an insider.

On select evenings, in addition to the regular menu, the restaurant will be offering “Ari and Al’s Entree”.

“It’s a little more money than I would spend at a restaurant on normal nights, coming out to $350, but it’s so worth it”, says a journalist who recently did a taste test at the eatery.

The dish comes complete with easy-mac with string fromage au gratin, a creamy, delicate Kraft concoction complete with melted cheese stick, fudge brownies a la Betty Crocker, and Goobér, a thrilling blend that combines chemically enhanced artificial jelly product and high sugar peanut butter.

get tomatos sauteed in for a mere $100 charge.

get tomatos sauteed in for a mere $100 charge.

“Calling it a meal to remember would be an understatement. It was exquisite”, attests esteemed food critic Buffy Van Frankenhoefer.

We strongly encourage you to try our fantastic new restaurant, and let us know what you think!

-The WesStuffed Team