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Gilly’s Corner- Yellow Birthday Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Gilly’s Corner is where delicious dreams come true.  For me, March has always been a birthday month. My paternal grandmother, my mother and my oldest friend were all born on ...

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Spotted! “Nutella and Go” at Weshop!

Some people are seriously obsessed with nutella. It’s one of those foods that is eaten out of the jar just as much as it is used as a spread. At ...

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Charoset – Miriam Olenick ‘13

You might have heard of this thing called Passover – the Jewish holiday celebrating the ancient Hebrews’ freedom from slavery in Egypt (for the long version of the story, see ...

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This Just In: It’s Only Natural Market Has a Juice Bar!

A couple months ago, we put out a poll asking Wes students what kind of restaurant Middletown is most seriously lacking.  A juice/smoothie bar was the clear winner. Good news, ...

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Taste with a Twist – Spring Break-fast

Wesleyan’s Samantha Maldonado takes on traditional recipes and gives them a surprising twist, using creative alternatives from the local food co-ops to recreate tasty treats. Not only does she experiment, ...

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Justin's Peanut Butter Cups (Milk Organic)

Travels Back Travel’s Snack: Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups — Rina Kremer ’15

Welp, the day of a 4:30 alarm was upon me this morning to travel back to Wesleyan once again (wahoo!). In fear of the early and all-day St. Louis snow ...



What to Eat at Home: Gilly’s Corner- Coconut Cake with Coconut Buttercream

Gilly’s Corner is where delicious dreams come true.  In celebration of spring break and in hopes that some of you guys have access to a real kitchen, this week I ...

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What to Eat at Home: Banana-Walnut Steel Cut Oatmeal – Laura Hess ‘16

This is a great recipe for an easy, healthy breakfast.  Steel cut oats are chewier than regular oatmeal, giving this meal a more pleasant texture than regular oatmeal.  The banana ...

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What to Eat at Home: Chocolate Chip Macaroons – Laura Hess ‘16

Springtime is fast approaching, bringing with it Passover, Easter, and a craving for tropical flavors.  With regards to Passover, it’s time to start thinking about tasty, grain-free foods.  Macaroons are ...

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What to Eat at Home: Quinoa Curry Saffron SOUP! – Ania Rojek ’16

The thing that really excites me about cooking at home is knowing EXACTLY what it is I’m putting in my food. I hate shortcuts. Whether that’s readymade pie crust or ...

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