It’s hard to believe Easter is practically here.  Only a little while ago, there was still snow on the ground.  If the early Easter date caught you by surprise this year, Tschudin has a great selection of Easter chocolates.  Even if you’re already covered, these sweets are worth stopping by for anyway.


Marbleized Eggs:

Chocolate Easter eggs are available in different sizes.  They are all very colorful, some with very intricate designs.



Tschudin has both white and pink candy roses – perfect for the beginning of spring!  These are so delicate you will think they are real.


Chocolate Bunnies:

Chocolate bunnies also come in large and small sizes.  Each size is also available in white, milk, and dark chocolate.


Chocolate Dipped Peeps:

Your favorite marshmallow birds have been dipped in gourmet chocolate!



Plain and chocolate homemade matzo are available for Passover.  The chocolate matzo has a particularly delicate taste, with only a hint of cocoa, so you could still cover it with charoset.


Tschudin Chocolates will be open for Easter so there is still time to fulfill your spring chocolate craving!

- Laura ’16 (photos: Rina ’15)


Tschudin Chocolates

Corner Main & Court, Middletown, CT 06457