Yes, you read that right.  Toasted rice tea.  Brown rice tea, or Genmaicha, is just what it sounds like – tea with roasted brown rice.  It is also sometimes called popcorn tea, because of the way the rice puffs when it is roasted.  This tea has deep earthy and nutty notes, making it heartening and comforting.  It is not as strong as most green teas, but it also has a distinctly different flavor.  One friend noted, “Woah!  It smells just like a bowl of brown rice”.  When brewed, it has a light, yellowish color.  If you’ve already been enjoying it but don’t know much about it, you can feel good about yourself.  Rice tea is rich in antioxidants and vitamins and includes some trace minerals.  It is also believed to lower the risk of cancer, and it has lower caffeine if you’re trying to kick your addiction.


The organic brand, Numi, is sold at Espwesso for the bargain price of 1.50.  On your next trip, be adventurous and try something different: rice tea.


- Laura ‘16