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This winter has been endless – I mean, where was the “Spring” in Spring Break, anyways? While we’re waiting for the ground to thaw and the flowers to bloom, we’ve been staying cozy in our rooms with various warm drinks. This week we would like to share one of our favorites: zesty, easy to make hot chocolate, with a kick of cinnamon and chili powder.


Ingredients and WeShop Prices:

Cinnamon – $5.19

Chili powder – $4.99

*Hot chocolate powder – $7.69

Sugar – $2.69


*There are also “free” hot chocolate powder packets available at Summerfields that come in handy in a pinch



1. Fill a mug with water and heat.

2. Add hot chocolate mix, stirring until lumps are dissolved.

3. Add cinnamon to taste.

- Too much might make the drink too spicy and detract from the chocolate taste – we recommend two quick shakes.

4. Add chili powder

- We used a bit less than cinnamon – we recommend one quick shake.

5. Stir drink thoroughly, taking care to keep ingredients from settling at the bottom.

6. Enjoy!

Note: If your hot chocolate powder does not come sweetened, add sugar as desired.



- Adrie & Haley ’16