Some people are seriously obsessed with nutella. It’s one of those foods that is eaten out of the jar just as much as it is used as a spread. At Columbia University, students take bowls of it out of the dining hall to eat in their dorms. At Wesleyan university, students were once hard-pressed to find this chocolatey, nutty, delicious snack…Until now.

Remember in September when Neon Deli started offering “Nutella and Go”, an adorable pouch that contains a generous portion of nutella along with a cluster of “bread sticks?” Unfortunately, after that initial siting, I never saw this snack at Neon again.

Don’t be dismayed! It is not offered at Weshop!


I’d like to take a moment to sincerely thank the Weshop gods, or whoever it is that orders the products there. From the Ben and Jerry’s special editions to the Noosa Yogurt, and now Nutella?! They have seriously done us proud.

I found “Nutella and Go” in the ever-increasing gourmet candy section, which also offers Ferraro Rocher truffles and Ritter sport chocolates amongst other things, and is located below the spices and to the left of the other candy section… I just realized how much candy they sell at Weshop.

On another note, in celebration of Easter, Weshop is currently boasting Cadbury creme eggs, a milk chocolate shell that contains a white and ellow fondant filling. You can find these near the Matzo across from the OTHER candy section (i.e. the counter where you pay) at the front of the store.

You have done me so well, Weshop