Welp, the day of a 4:30 alarm was upon me this morning to travel back to Wesleyan once again (wahoo!). In fear of the early and all-day St. Louis snow of 100% chance, which I guess isn’t really chance anymore, I changed my flight to the earliest possible United flight I could; who doesn’t love having their plane de-iced coming back from spring break? Additionally, I took about 90% of my cold-weather clothes home trying to reduce what I’ll have to put in storage the next 8 months or so while also thinking that there would be no way that it would still be cold. Anywho, though I might be a little chilly until spring actually decides to come to the party, I managed to get out of St. Louis okay, promptly passing out on the plane. But in my delirium after getting off the flight, I found a happy surprise in O’Hare*.

Yellow Seahorse!

Well it wasn’t a seahorse, but close…..Debatable.


For the past few days I have been craving chocolate covered things. More specifically: chocolate covered nuts (cashews, almonds, and macadamias, but not peanuts). Less specifically: the combination of a nut or seed butter and chocolate (peanuts okay). The other night I literally spent hours browsing the internets for nut and chocolate recipes, and also actually just looking at Reese’s**. Yes I know. So, today, when I found one of the products I was stalking that other night, Justin’s peanut butter cups, I was delighted. As delighted as I could be without being fully aware of what I was really doing or really feeling. Anyways, when 10:30AM rolled around, it was time for lunch (I got up at 4:30, remember? It’s okay. Also the man sitting across from me, staring at me and apparently on his way to Wichita City, was eating a king size Snickers and drinking some kind of soda I’ve never heard of before called like Ribb or Rubbs or something, so it was even more okay to eat my candy, too.) [Update: it's called "Pibb Xtra",  as I found out when I just tried to search for a "Ribb" soda and found recipes for marinating ribs with Coke.]

Justin's peanut butter cups

And boy was is. At first, I was honestly thinking this is kind of gross I want a Reese’s. But then not too long later I was able to start tasting the peanut butter cup for what it was (sorry that sounds so cheesy, I do apologize), which is not exactly a Reese’s. As it should not be. And like it says on the package, it is “[a Reese's] magnified by a gazillion”***, if you must compare.

The flavors are a lot more delicate, the peanut butter with less of a presence; it’s not as chalky or sweet. Instead, it is more of a salty peanut butter. The chocolate is a lot gentler as well. I could taste the subtle sweetness and loved the creamy silkiness produced by the organic whole milk and cocoa butter. As much as I do and forever will love Reese’s — as I must admit — I would happily choose these over those, given the choice. And I think that you might, too. (They’re organic, rainforest alliance certified, and has an Orangutan Friendly seal of approval also, as bonuses.)


I think I have seen Justin’s peanut butter cups once before at Usdan Café, but otherwise I don’t think they’re on campus. I think I’ll work on that.

And, welcome back!


* If you’re gluten free and/or vegan or just don’t really like the normal airport fare of Starbucks and burritos that make you not want to eat, smell, or see any “Mexican” food for a still to be determined amount of time – and stop in O’Hare to get to or go to school — I recommend Cibo. It’s a mini market near the sushi restaurant (has anyone ever had airport sushi in the states?), on the way to the E and F gates. Today it had gluten-free and vegan lasagna, tons of gluten free and vegan baked goodies, and healthy things otherwise (drinks, nuts, fruits, chocolate, etc.); their prepared foods are nice and clean, at least ingredient wise. (I got a small caprese salad and roasted root veggies. Mmm. Missing the Summerfields “Caprese” again.)

** I also found out that there are giant 5 lb. gummy bears. And gummy worms. But the picture on Amazon kind of grossed me out, because someone is just manhandling it straight up. Gummies are kinda sticky, whoever set up this picture. You don’t want anyone, even yourself, holding it anywhere close to like that. I can just see the grubbiness left behind from that guy’s palms when he peels them away after the photo is taken. I know you want to see it now:

5 lb. gummy bear. Cool?

See what I mean? So grabby.


*** Well yeah the package actually says, “Think of your favorite peanut butter cup”…but we all know what that actually means.