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It’s that oh-so-wonderful time of year again, when you’re feeling happy-go-lucky and carefree – midterms week. We know that all of these exams and papers tend to take a toll on the body and mind, but we’ve found a clever way to cope: stress eating. This week’s recipe is easy to make, delicious, and will hopefully give you the strength to make it to spring break without seriously hurting anyone.

Please note that while we chose to make Red Velvet cake with Funfetti frosting, you’re welcome to use whatever flavors you want or can find at Weshop.

The Blissful Bowl Cake 

Ingredients and WeShop Prices:

Cake mix ($3.19)

1 egg ($4.59/doz)


Vegetable oil ($5.29)

Frosting ($2.99)



  1. Measure out 8 spoonfuls of cake mix into a large microwave-safe mug or bowl
  2. Add egg, making sure to remove any pieces of shell that might end up in the mixture
  3. Add three spoonfuls of water
  4. Add one spoonful of oil
  5. Mix the ingredients together until the mixture is smooth
  6. Put mug/bowl into the microwave for about 2 minutes.
  7. To test if the cake is done, use a toothpick or a clean fork/knife. It is finished when the utensil is inserted and comes out clean.
  8. Frosting is optional (but we highly recommend it!)
  9. Enjoy!

-Adrie & Haley ’16