Based on a Wesleying Twitter request that we do a microwavable soup taste test, the WesStuffed team gathered some of our finest taste testers, purchased a ridiculous amount of WeShop soups, and got to work.

Soup is a wonderful thing. It can be made with pretty much any ingredient. It warms you up when you’re cold, cools you down when you’re hot (gazpacho anyone?), heals you when you’re sick, and does pretty much everything in between.

The concept of microwavable soup, as far as I’m concerned, is incredibly innovative. Within five minutes, you can have a meal that usually takes hours to make. While normal people slave away to make broth, chop vegetables, and prepare other components of this delicious food, companies like Campbell’s have figured out how to do it in a matter of minutes!

The truth is that there are some solid microwavable soups out there. There are also some disgusting ones. In this taste test, we didn’t try every single microwavable soup at WeShop, but we tried at least one from every company sold at on campus, coming to ten soups tasted. Here are the results.

Edward and Sons Miso Soup:


The Edward and Sons miso soup comes in a convenient little two serving packet.  All you have to do is add water, stir it a bit, and bam! Miso soup. Our taste testers had mixed feelings about this product. The appearance was fairly straightforward. It was the typical musky color of miso soup, with a few green onion pieces floating at the top. As far as preparation was concerned, it was definitely one of the easiest. Once you add water, it’s pretty much ready. As far as authenticity was concerned, most of our testers found the product to be a bit saltier than real miso soup, but they didn’t consider that to be necessarily a bad thing. “It accepts its role as instant”, one participant explained. The general consensus was that although this soup would be a good appetizer for a WeShop sushi roll or other product, it wasn’t substantial enough for a full meal. This, however, was not surprising, as the soup had only 25 calories per serving. Most of our testers agreed that they would eat it again, but only if they were in a hurry and craving something warm.

Thai Kitchen Rice Noodle Spring Onion Soup


This soup revealed some fascinating information about microwave instructions. Although we cooked the soup exactly as directed, when it came out, the noodles were barely cooked, and a huge vegetable chunk sat on the top of the soup. That being said, once we stirred it a little, the soup didn’t taste bad. The broth had a nice kick to it, a flavorful complexity that is somewhat hard to find in microwavable soups. The noodles, however, which were “flat and flavorless”, lost points for this product. When asked if they would eat it again, most of our taste testers said they would, but only if they could figure out how to cook the noodles properly.

Simply Asia Miso Noodle Soup:


Each of our taste testers had the same reaction to the Simply Asia soup. Their mouths puckered, they threw out their cups, and walked away.  The broth was watery and sour, with very little resemblance to traditional miso flavor. The noodles were soggy and mushy. It scored points in two areas, appearance and toppings. One participant described it as looking “somewhat appetizing”, another mentioned that there was “one bit of mushroom that looked like it could hold its own.” Despite these compliments, overall, this product was not well received by our taste testers. When asked if they would eat it again, one participant’s reply was “No! Gross!”

Auntie Chun’s Chinese Chicken Soup:


When this soup first came out of the microwave, we were far from impressed by its appearance. The noodles were stuck together in a huge blob, and the broth looked watery and bland. Ultimately, we were happily surprised by the actual taste. Although it didn’t score very high in the authenticity category (we weren’t sure it tasted like chicken soup), it definitely did taste good. It had a nice tang to it, as well as a fair amount of vegetables. When asked if they would eat it again, the majority of our taste testers claimed that they would “while doing homework”, suggested one. “Maybe for lunch”, said another.

Auntie Chun’s Tom Yum Soup:


Like the Chinese Chicken flavor, the Auntie Chun’s Tom Yum got pretty high marks from our testers. It was slightly spicier than the Chinese chicken, although one taster found it “sour”. It also had a fair amount of vegetables, and scored points for its “all natural” ingredients. “Overall one of the better products”, claimed one tester.

Nissin Cup of Noodles:


Who hasn’t had a Cup of Noodles? For most of our testers, there was a delightful nostalgia attached to this soup. As far as preparation is concerned, it’s one of the easiest. All you do is: add water, wait a few minutes, and it’s completely ready. It also earned points in the appearance category. “Finally! Noodles with shape!” exclaimed one tester. “Something about the huge quantity of noodles is very appealing”, explained another. When compared to the other soups we tasted, it was clear why Cup of Noodles is so popular. The slightly too-salty broth is satisfying, and the huge quantity of noodles is much more filling than some of the other soups. Although none of the ingredients are natural, and the packaging is much less fancy than some of the other soups we tried, as far as taste goes, this soup was definitely one of the best.

Dr. McDougall’s Lentil Couscous Soup:


The Dr. McDougall’s soup earned most of its points in the nutrition category. With only seven ingredients, and packing in 12 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber, it was significantly healthier than the other options. This was definitely evident when we tried the soups together. Compared to the crazy sodium quantities in the other products, this soup tasted somewhat bland. If nutrition is one of your main values, then this is definitely the soup for you. That being said, if you’re weighting taste over health, you should probably go with one of the other, high-sodium options.

Campbell’s Chicken and Mini Round Noodles Soup on the Go:


“On the go” Campbell’s soup comes in a sippable cup. All you do is pop it in the microwave and it’s ready. Compared to the other Campbell’s soup we tried, this product was sub-par. It scored points based on preparation and neatness, but as far as taste was concerned, it was seriously lacking. “One of the best parts of Campbell’s soup is the noodles, and these round things just aren’t doing them for me”, admitted one taste tester. “Soooo much fructose”, exclaimed another. “I might eat it if I’m in a major rush”, one participant told us, “but that’s the only time.”

Campbell’s Just Heat and Enjoy Chicken Noodle Soup


Oh Campbell’s, the memories you bring back. Your oh-so salty broth, your soft, doughy noodles. Even though we hate to admit it, we kind of loved this soup. It was a more traditional model; very similar to the stovetop version we ate as kids. It was very easy to prepare, just stick it in the microwave, and it comes in a convenient, sturdy bowl. If you’re a major soup connoisseur, this soup probably won’t do it for you, but then again, if you’re a major soup connoisseur, you probably won’t be happy with microwavable soup.

Nongshim Bowl Noodle Soup: Hot and Spicy Flavor:


Nongshim is a Korean company, and it’s difficult to find their products in the average supermarket. We were surprised and fairly impressed that it was in WeShop. This flavor is super spicy, and the bright red pepper flakes and broth bothered some of our taste testers, who found it “frightening”, but if you’re having a craving for something spicy, it will definitely clear out your airway. Think Cup of Noodles but slightly more authentic and in a big bowl rather than a cup. “I would eat it again, especially if I was craving spice”, said one tester.

The verdict?

So maybe microwavable soup is not the most delicious of foods, but if you’re locked in your thesis carrel and in desperate need of a meal, it’s better than that lonely jar of peanut butter you brought with you. When asked to rank the soups from favorite to least favorite, the Campbell’s “Just Heat and Enjoy Chicken Noodle Soup” was the unanimous winner, with Nissin “Cup of Noodles” following close behind it. Dr. McDougall’s is great if you want to get in some solid nutrients, and Thai Kitchen and Auntie Chun’s will both do the job if you’re looking for an all-natural noodle soup. We hope that this taste test helps you figure out some good study snacks. Happy midterms!


-The WesStuffed Team

Is your favorite soup not on here? Leave us a message and let us know what it is!