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chocolate dipped strwaberries

POLL: Where Are You Eating This Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day, food lovers! We’re curious, what are you eating on the most romantic day of the year? [polldaddy poll=6898232] -The WesStuffed Team

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cake pops

Ice Cream/Baked Good Delivery from Lizzy B’s Sweet Celebrations!

It’s 7:30 pm on a Tuesday night and you’ve been studying for five hours straight. You seriously need a pick me up….but Chips Ahoy from WeShop just won’t suffice, it’s ...



Where to Get Valentine’s Day Dinner in Middletown

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for a fancy dinner, and lucky for us, there are plenty of restaurants in town with delicious options for the holiday evening! So grab ...

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finished granola

Granola Ritual- By Erin Kelly ’12

During my senior year at Wesleyan, we set off the fire alarm in our house at least seven times. Most of these took place after midnight on weekends, and involved ...

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Where to Get Your Valentine’s Day Sweets in Middletown!

This Valentine’s Day, don’t bore your friends or significant other(s) with a box of conversation hearts from Rite Aid. For a couple dollars more, you can thrill them with a delicious ...

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cupcake platter

Gilly’s Corner- Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Gilly’s Corner is where delicious dreams come true.  When the esteemed food blogger, Ari Rudess, offered me a corner on her blog where I could post a weekly recipe, I ...

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Sparkling Lychee Lime

Weekend Recipe Rundown: Sparkling Lychee Lime — by Rina Kremer ’15

Sparkling Lychee Lime * May or may not contain alcohol * (To each his/her/etc. own!)So it might still be the time of year (or the temperament of it, rather) to ...

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Hope-Made – Gluten and Dairy Free Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

In Hope-Made, junior and baking enthusiast Hope Kabel will share some of her favorite recipes. Among my friends and family, I’m famous for my love of feeding people. There is ...

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Nemo- Dining Edition

Sooooo In case you didn’t notice, there’s over a foot of snow on the ground, and no plows in sight. A good chunk of restaurants are closed today, but here’s ...

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WesStuffed at Student Activities Fair

Come on down to the student activities fair happening now until 6:30 upstairs in Fayerweather!  If you are interested in writing for the blog, we will be here to answer ...

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