For most people at Wesleyan, college is synonymous with late nights, overloaded schedules, and—most importantly—outrageous caffeine intake. How else are we supposed to power through our days? Class, extracurriculars, jobs, parties—the whole college atmosphere can get very tiring very quickly, and that’s why there’s always at least a twenty-minute wait for coffees every morning at Pi.

Of course, not everyone is a fan of coffee. Today, as I filled my 20-ounce cup with Cinnamon Hazelnut and a little half and half, one of my friends couldn’t help but express their disgust with my favorite beverage.

“How can you drink that stuff, Alex? I literally can’t even take one sip. It’s disgusting.”

I definitely wouldn’t use the word “disgusting”, but I recognize the fact that coffee just isn’t for everyone. Some people can down 3 cups in one sitting, while others would just stick to tea or soda for their caffeine fix. Me? I consider myself one of the biggest consumers of on-campus coffee. I purchase at least one every day, not even counting the classic Marketplace Blend at Usdan. Overall, probably 75% of my points go to the Chai Chargers at Pi, the Iced Chai Lattes at Usdan Café, or the French Vanilla at Red & Black.

If you’re at all like me, you probably know exactly where to get your favorite coffee. In that case, disregard the list below. But if you ever find yourself clueless about what’s in a “Snow White Latte” and whether it’s worth the 95 million points, definitely hit me up. Or just check out my on-campus coffee recommendations and critiques…



Pi Café


  • Chai Charger – A classic. Everyone gets it; everyone loves it. Espresso and chai are the new peanut butter and jelly.
  • Cinnamon Hazelnut – Just had this one yesterday! A welcome new addition to the Pierce Bros line at Pi.

Don’t love:

  • Fogbuster – Too dark-roasted for me. I always end up having to put in a ton of sugar, which ruins the coffee flavor and, of course, packs on the pounds.
  • Nutella Latte – Not worth the points! Something about the hazelnut flavoring kind of leaves a weird aftertaste in your mouth, which would totally be more off-putting if it weren’t for the pound of sugar in every sip doing trying to mask the discordant flavors.
  • Raspberry Latte – A new Pi creation this semester. I also tried this one yesterday and was whole-heartedly unimpressed, as it lacked any bit of coffee flavor and could only be described as a lukewarm, watery mess. If you’re craving raspberry-flavored coffee, try the Snow White Latte: a blend of white chocolate and raspberry flavoring, a dessert in every sip.


Usdan Café


  • Iced Chai Latte – Duh. No explanation needed… Just make sure you request only a little ice, otherwise you’ll get about 3 sips.

Don’t love:

  • The lack of medium sized coffee cups. It’s my go-to size, and the fact that Usdan Café only offers small and large always puts a damper on my morning. The small just isn’t enough coffee, while ordering the large forces me to come to terms the fact that I probably suffer from a caffeine addiction.





  • Hazelnut – Sometimes I come to Summies just for the unlimited Hazelnut coffee included with my meal… It’s a lovely change from the Marketplace Blend at Usdan.



Red & Black


  • French Vanilla – Why bother with any of the expensive flavored lattes when there’s delicious self-serve French Vanilla coffee at a decent price?

Don’t Love:

  • Red & Black’s conception of a “small” appears to be way smaller than any other on-campus eatery. Or maybe the cup is just a weird shape. Either way, make sure you get the right size because they WILL catch you stealing that refill.



Last but not least, I can’t forget to give a HUGE shout out to my best friend, my partner in crime, my lover, my soulmate, my beloved…. my Keurig. It was a Christmas gift from my Mom, who knew I had been spending way too many points on coffee at school, and it has changed my life ever since.

Keurig Special Edition (B60)

If you think that making coffee in your room might be a bit of a hassle, you’re wrong. It’s not. First off, it makes your entire room smell like your coffee flavor of choice. Secondly, it takes about 1 minute for you to pour the water, put the K-cup (filled with ground coffee beans) into the machine, and find a clean mug to drink out of. Then you just hit the Brew button and relax as the Keurig does all the work, and in about 1-2 more minutes you’ll have a fresh cup of hot coffee awaiting you. I can’t think of a more perfect way to start the day…

… Except maybe a Starbucks. I have a gift card and I’m a huge fan of their cappuccinos.


Caffeinated as always,