Cheesecake is one of my very favorite things.
When I was little, it would be the Ultimate Go-To dessert recipe that we’d make for Christmas, New Year’s, my mom’s birthday, and perhaps Easter and Valentine’s Day, too. There was nothing better than sitting with a freshly sliced piece as large as my parents’, with decaf coffee in hand; because that’s what they did, too. I’d eat it slowly, taking in each bite after a sip of coffee, the perfect balance of a not-too sweet, light and fluffy layered NY Cheesecake with a black de-caf to further illuminate the flavors. All the while my cats would poke their heads and paws above the table wanting to steal a taste too. So with such vivid, fond memories I’m always looking for a cheesecake that would come close to that childhood home-made recipe, but I am yet to find it. Cheesecakes are usually overly sweet, displeasing in texture, and underdeveloped in flavor and substance. Perhaps I have an extreme standard because of the associated memories, but I just can’t settle for anything less. And so that meant that I never found a substitute that could “replace” that childhood cheesecake.

Until now.

Michael's Deli Cheesecake I
All I had to do was take a look at it, and I was in love. Remember (or not) when I made crème brûlée and obsessed perhaps a bit too much over vanilla beans? Well, you can see the vanilla bean in this cheesecake. You can see them, and there are a lot of them. This is by no means the usual previously-frozen-and-three-days-ago cut generic cheesecake in the fridge that will “do” for a sweet fix at the end of your meal. It’s the cheesecake that makes your meal.
It has a custard sauce over the top, which  I’ve never encountered with a cheesecake before. But I am a big fan. It’s not too sweet, and adds that extra dimension of texture and flavor balance. It’s a unique (and welcomed) difference.


But what gets me the very most is that it also has the same subtle flavor that made the home cheesecake as delicious as it was: the hint — the tanginess — of the cream cheese is still present. Usually, cheesecakes obscure that dimension in excessive cups of sugar, leaving an insistent, abrasive sweetness coating the mouth. That’s by no means what you get here.

Michael's Deli Cheesecake II

It even looks like my home cheesecake. I think a lot of it has to do with the “crust” that a lot of eatery cheesecakes lack


If pure laziness is the bane of your eating adventures off of campus, do note that Michael’s DELIVERS! It’s not even all the way down on Main — just a block down from Broad Street Books — but if that’s still quite an ominous journey for you, call them up, and they’ll be more than happy to get food up your way.

I am already obsessed with the Ahi Tuna Salad from Michael’s Deli, and am, perhaps very obviously at this point, no less obsessed with their cheesecake. And then, because Michael’s Deli will never disappoint, they have also recently started to make more desserts available, one of which is coconut macaroons. Hitting on another recent obsession, it could not get any better. (..but, as it has proven to do already, it still will.)

Michael’s Deli
83 Broad Street  Middletown, CT 0645
860- 788-2650


See you there!