Sparkling Lychee Lime
* May or may not contain alcohol *
(To each his/her/etc. own!)So it might still be the time of year (or the temperament of it, rather) to make more drinks of the warm variety. However, when I was on my Weshop scour last Tuesday to potentially find the Ultimate Dark Chocolate at Wesleyan, I got distracted by some lychee juice. Lychee juice! So I found myself with some lychee juice, and I thought a lime would do it well. And, of course, all the rest of these things.
What you’ll need: (per drink)
lychee juice
seltzer water
vodka (unflavored, opt.)
a lime
(I’m sorry I didn’t specify amounts, but I don’t know how large your party is.)
What to do:
1. Find something(s) suitable to drink from.
2. Pour in one and a half (or two) shots of vodka
3. Add four shots of lychee juice
4. Add about four ounces of seltzer water
5. Cut the lime (half or so into wedges and the other half or so into slices**)
6. Squeeze a good amount of lime juice into the drinks
7. Mix it a little for good measure. It makes a difference?
**8. Make a slit about a quarter of the way through the lime slices, and place them on the rim of the drinking aparati  (apparatuses…). Fancy!

Sparkling Lychee Lime

Oh yes, that is a LEGO Star Wars cup. Extra fancy!

Have a Very Happy Saturday!!
Stay warm and stuff (this will help).