I have loved macaroni and cheese since the moment I began chewing solid foods. Be it Annie’s, Easy Mac, homemade, or gourmet, pasta covered in creamy, gooey cheese has always held a very dear place in my heart.

Surprisingly, Middletown isn’t much of a destination for this classic American delight. True, you can get the packaged stuff on the kids meal menu at some restaurants,  but real, gourmet, homemade mac and cheese is hard pressed around here. I’ve seen a great version at New England Emporium, but unfortunately it’s only a special! (Maybe if everyone suggests it they’ll add it to their new menu), the Whey Station also has a pretty yummy variety, but they’re only here on the weekends! So where can you find macaroni and cheese all day everyday in Middletown?!?!??!?!!

Red and Black.

It’s never on the menu or the specials list, but it’s always there. Unlike the version at Weswings, Red and Black’s mac and cheese is made with big, al dente penne pasta, covered with heaping globs of orange cheese. It’s ridiculously gooey, so much so that sometimes the cheese seems like a completely seperate entity. If you’re ever craving some genuine, no frills, ultra-comfort food, you can’t get any better than this.

mac and cheese

It’s a gem, guys. A real mac and cheese gem. Try it. And let me know what you think.


Red and Black Cafe

45 Broad Street Middletown, CT 06457