When Jeff Hill isn’t cooking your dinner in the basement of Usdan, he’s busy creating his own line of jams and vinegars. Today, he is selling said products in the downstairs Usdan Area.

jeff hill

From my brief conversation with Jeff, I gathered that he’s a pretty friendly guy. Decked out in a Wesleyan sweatshirt (which was 20 dollars in case you were wondering), he expressed that besides his job here (which he has had for 33 years), he has a real passion for making jams and vinegars.

“It’s a real passion of mine. I want to start doing it more,” he told me.

Jeff’s company, which is called “We Bake… We Jam”, sells a variety of flavors of jams and vinegars, including  traditional flavors like strawberry and grape, as well as more creative flavors like peach orange walnut. All of the jams and vinegars cost $5.00 a jar. In addition to his products being local, so are his decorations! His jam jars were sitting on a tree trunk that he got from his own backyard! Today, he’ll be packing up his makeshift shop at 3:00 pm, but stay tuned for another sale on March 4th.

jam close upd

I’d highly recommend that you buy some jam today. Not only because it’s local and probably delicious, but also because Jeff is a super awesome guy. Do it for him!